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Wine and Voodoo Dolls


‘Keep Your Head Up Gorgeous, he isn’t worth your time or tears. You were happy once without him, You can be happy again’.

On this site: http://www.sociopathlife.com I have posted everything from traits of a Sociopath, Narcissist, Psychopath, to everything in between, and finally the discard and healing.

For this post, I want to share with you something different (for a change). Although still related to the very real life spent with my Narcissistic Sociopath. I am beyond blessed with so much in my life. Yes, I am even blessed to have spent time in the Hell Of Crazy with my Sociopath. Blessed you ask? Yes! For he taught me what true perseverance is (he questioned my faith ‘calling me a convenient Christian), so I persevered through that, because there is only one judge for me, and that is My Lord. He called me every vile and viscous name he could spew out of his mouth, so I persevered through that loving who I am. He placed fear in me , and I am persevering through that fear, I have learned not to fear, fear!  Because of him, not in spite of, I know who and what i want for a mate in my life. I am blessed beyond measure with a large, very close knit family. I am blessed with a fabulous career which provides financial security for myself. And then I am extremely blessed with a group of lifelong girlfriends. We grew up together, we have all been there for the marriages, kids, divorces, boyfriends, break-ups/ make-ups, and break-up’s again etc! And our friendship has persevered through it all.

So when I began my spiral down to hell and climbing my way back out, my friends were there! Yes, they got sick of hearing me cry about the Sociopath, they even stopped  attending my Pity Parties 🙂 , meaning they wouldn’t tell me what i wanted to hear, they told me what i needed to hear. And that was like a kick in the ass! I’m thinking “how can you be so mean and hateful, can’t you see I’m destroyed?”…Ha~no! I wasn’t, I just thought I was. I was so caught up in the spin cycle of the Sociopath, with no direction forwards or backwards, that I could not see the life in front of me. So with all of that being said (and done) my girlfriends had an “intervention” for me. And this consisted of Wine And Voodoo Doll’s. 

We all got together one Friday evening and set out to make a Voodoo Doll. This way we can prick the Bastard’s that have done us wrong. With the wine flowing, and a litany of words we called these Doll’s in the making, this turned out to be exactly what I needed!! Even though I could physically “see”  my Narcissistic Sociopath, I could not “SEE”  what he was doing to me. So my voodoo doll represents his physical being and all the psychological warfare he did to me. Here is a picture


Yes, I know! These look more like Gingerbread men than Voodoo Doll’s. But don’t worry, I prick the shit out of mine regularly!! 🙂

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7 Responses to “Wine and Voodoo Dolls”

  1. Jeremy Feit

    I will have my revenge against evil. I don’t give a fuck if I become a demon for all eternity I will torture those who have tortured me.


    • Tela

      Jeremy~ as the saying goes “before you embark on Revenge, dig 2 graves”. It is not worth it. I don’t know your story, I don’t what has happened to you, but please, Revenge against Evil will only cause more harm within you.


  2. Denice

    I say this with the most respect! I know we each heal, and do things to heal in different ways. But voo doo dolls are dark forces. And while I rejoice yours look like gingerbread men.lol. And I know you did not use personal items to make a real “voodoo doll”of the offenders. I am concerned of the use of such. Thought gives birth. A very real concept. I feel your Christian love though out your healing post. I am newbie here with you. And I love finding you. And hope my honesty and views about the voodoo dolls will not be seen as disrespect. The actual dolls are part of Witchcraft. And as Christian we need to stay far away! I could even envision our x’sdoing this for finally leaving. And you may never know who reads, and gets the idea to get “real” voodoo doll. You are called, and reaches a lot of us. And I pray you do not feel disrespected by my honesty. It was so strong in my spirit to write this.


    • Tela

      Thank you Denice for your comment. I feel that each person handles their own abuse in their own ways. I personally do not believe in Voodoo dolls, nor do I believe in Witchcraft. I do believe in doing whatever each person needs to in order to begin their healing journey. Thank you.


      • vino4me

        Do you have the pattern???? It’s a good idea to ‘prick’ it, say what you are letting go, and then let it go.


    • i12bnacafe

      I am a Midwestern farmer’s daughter, raised Methodist with a very strong spiritual connection to the great I AM and his giving son Jesus. I have been a believer since I was around 10 and I solidified it by the alter probably 5-6 times just to “make sure”.

      I’m now engaged to a Cajun raised and lived in New Orleans until Katrina. He is a devout Catholic, quite interesting and I’m thankful we didn’t have children together. I have been to New Orleans a handful of times and we are getting ready to move there part-time across the river on the West Bank from the French Quarter. I have been to Marie Laveau’s grave twice and have seen her daughter’s grave. Marie is moved every year and it’s not publicized where she actually is in the New Orleans cemeteries. They don’t want her grave desecrated so that’s why she’s moved. You only know where she is if you know who to ask thus, my future husband took me there.

      I tell you all of this because I have learned of the religion Voodoo. There are both good and bad Voodoo. It has strong ties to the Catholic church and is mixed with African and Haitian beliefs and rituals. The Voodoo doll isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t cause harm, people do. It is the symbol of what you want it to be. It doesn’t represent a god. Many people use the symbolic doll to project their own frustrations and hate on because keeping it inside of us is poisonous, it’s not what God wants. God sees us as pure and loves us dearly and when we carry hate and anger then we are turning away from Him. He desires us to show our faces to him in reverence. So, what a great way to ditch the bad and then continue on our path with the Great One. We are only human and we live in an evil world with sociopaths who want to suck the joy from us.

      NOLA (New Orleans, LA) is a wonderful and very spiritual and spirit-filled place. When you stop fearing Satan and have the strength from God then the bad spiritual world runs and hides from us shrieking in fear. I am leaving a link to a basic website I found but I encourage all who are interested to educate themselves on Voodoo then you can see another religion for what it truly is.




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