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‘What Happened Here’

I met this girl 2 years ago on a dating website..we seemed to just click ..she was charming ..beautiful everything you could imagine..we just hit it off..I knew she was just out of a relationship but I don’t know how long it was till we met…it was amazing at the start we texted all day long this went on for weeks until we finally met ..she was beautiful she said I was attractive and it just seemed perfect ..she told me how her last relationship was abusive it went on for 5 years off and on and I happen to know her ex and she’s not exaderating when she says he’s crazy..she would always tell him to leave her alone and get out of her life but after awhile she would talk to him again and again and tell him she loves him I didn’t say anything I just kinda went with it..after a year of us hanging out ..right out of the blue her ex is back in her life and she told me she needed space ..I never knew he was back until I saw them out together one day..then found out he was always sleeping over and what not..I was devastated there was no warning just he’s there and her excuse was I just wasn’t available ..she still wanted me around and I actually thought she loved and I thought I loved her so I foolishly stuck around for another 5 months while she was with him..she would text me as soon as he left everyday ..we would hang out and what not and she told me she was giving him until June then breaking it off ..like what does that even mean..things started going bad with him again and I purposely think she starts fights with guys just to get them away..anyways her and I were seeing each other again ..she has 2 boys ..very bad ..spoiled disrespectful boys..I don’t know if she is rubbing off on them but there real father whom she was married to for 10 years ..she left him cuz he cheated on her ..and to be he seems to be very narcissistic they fight so much all the time he’s always a victim but says nasty stuff to her..anyways 2 months into our second try we were hanging out in her living room and I notice she is on the same dating website that I met her at..I asked her if she was and she looked me right in the face and said nooo I wouldn’t do that I love you .so of course my guard is up I went home that night and made an account and I happened to find her..she didn’t have a pic up but her profile pretty much have her away so I went back to her house she had no idea it was me and I was chatting with her and she would constantly hide her phone and she sat right across from me and chatted back and forth on this dating website she thought I was her ex bf in there and she was writing how she loved him so much and wanted to be with him so bad all this while I’m sitting right across from her on the couch…I confronted her she continued to lie and of course like the fool I am I forgave her ..few weeks later we were laying in her bed and there is this young kid next door that was always flirting with her and she is a major flirt so she flirted back with him all while I was there..one night her Facebook goes off and it’s him so I got pissed off and left ..next day I came over I did the u thinkable and looked at her tablet behind her back totally invaded her privacy I’m embarrassed about it but I wanted to know..turns out the night before when I got mad and left .she continued to tell him that he was a hottie and he was telling her she was sexy and asking is he could come over to have sex and she said I can’t right now my kids are up but it will definitely happen..he said don’t you got a man and she replied hell no I don’t have no man..when I read that I went downstairs with her tablet and confronted her in the kitchen..Instant tears saying sorry it was foolish and meant nothing blah blah blah..I felt horrible but angry and of course I consoled her and we talked later that day and she seemed fine again..this went on for a few months she swore they don’t talk anymore then one night her phone buzzes her phone was right beside me so I looked and it’s him asking if they are still up for tonight…Christmas was right around the corner so of course I’m always weird around her by this point cuz my trust level was gone but I loved her…I think she kept me around till Christmas to see if I would get her anything but we were. Arely talking at Christmas time and we didn’t spend the day together and that was the start of where it just went to crap..she blamed me for not being with her on Christmas and she just told me to back off she needed space ..so for the last few moths been racking my brains and questioning her about the guy next door and she denied it she lied to her parents about him ..we got in some heated arguments cuz she said I was smothering her and I ended up sayin some nasty but true things to her but she’s keeps telling me I’m crazy and psycho then all of a sudden yesterday I see them together ..and when I emailed her and asked she says I know you saw me with him don’t play games ..I’m allowed to have friends to is what she said but weeks ago she told she doesn’t want to see anybody cuz she needs time to focus on her and her kids bad behaviour ..just lies after lies ..he now sleeps over all the time ..fwb I guess you call it..we planned to buy a house have a baby everything and she won’t even say sorry for nothing ..it’s always my fault why we went to crap..I wanna do no contact but I’m having a hell of a time sticking to it..what happened here?

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