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Thank You Lisa

The following letter was written by a reader. This is one of several emails received this past weekend, & he asked me to post this. I’m sure many of you can relate, as we all know that “ahhh-haaa” feeling once we get our bearings straight. Sure, there are & will be many, many days of ‘hell’ ahead. We never fully recover from the trauma of a Sociopath. However, we do become more aware of the beauty of ourselves and how much we do mean.

January 23, 2015


Dear Lisa,


Thank you so much for realizing me from your stronghold on October 8, 2013.   Now I do not have to suffer anymore. I am in “Recovery Mode”. Once our divorce is finalized in April, and I graduate Orange Coast College with my Associate in Science, with my major in Machine Technology. I will get a better job. In a field I love! And with 3-4 years of experience I can make up to $20.00 an hour. The same as what you are earning now. I will continue to work full time.  Unlike you who only worked part time. And complained about that!

Then the extra money will go to get me out of debt sooner.  And continue to raise my credit score. Right now I am 721. My goal is 9.0.  Unlike your lazy ass, who filed for bankruptcy because you had to “Work Hard” to get out of debt? But like usual. You take the “Easy Way Out”.  I gave you all the materialism from our marriage, and you are still not happy. Now you are going after my 401K.  That I worked long and hard for.  While you lazy ass can barely get out of bed in the morning for jack. I will give it to you, if the judge sees fit. If not “Fuck You”.

All of the time I took care of you when you were sick.  And lets not forget all for all of the times when we went to the Emergency Room on holidays. And let’s not forget all the times I cooked dinner, cleaned house, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom AND the kitchen. after I worked a 12+ hour day AND school.  And let’s not forget all of the times I brought you roses and a mixed bouquet home from work. And you did not appreciate it on bit. In fact every time I brought home roses or a mixed bouquet. We got into an argument. Sorry I ruined you day!!! By show my love towards you.  The writing was on the wall. And I did not see it. You never did love me, nor will you ever will!  But I am 100% sure, that some woman somewhere would love me to the ends of the earth if I did that for her. And she would show it, and prove it.

On top of that, you blamed me for our sexless marriage. Because you did not want to take responsibility upon yourself. The fact is you weigh in at 325!!! And you do not appreciate me! Then you blame me for YOUR WEIGHT. And wonder why we are not close. Then when I do offer, “OTHER OPTIONS” for pleasure you decline those as well!! I have nothing more to give.  Through our marriage you have taken, and taken, until I have nothing more to give. Then you verbally abuse me, and threaten physical action against me. And still you wonder why we are getting a divorce.   You used me, and left me for dead. But guess what. I serve the God of second chances. And he is rebuilding me, and restoring me. You to will have to face him in the future. On how you treated me during our six years of Hell together!!!

I know in my heart that there are plenty of women out there that would appreciate me. And appreciate it, if I cleaned her dishes, did her laundry, and took care of her dogs. and made her dinner.  She would be so happy!!! Then If I brought her a dozen roses!!! She would be blown away!!! They would want me to move in!! And stay the night!!!

You thought that you could destroy me!  Think again! My next mode of operation takes place in San Diego.   I will start with a new job, new house, and new friends.  You are not invited to San Diego.  If you do show up, I will call the cops. No questions asked.  This is my territory, my rules! We played by yours, and looked what happened. Need I say more?  Once I start my “Restoration Mode”, watch out.  I pan to go to the gym on a daily basis.  Purchase all of the supplements I can.  And strive to be “Fit, Toned, and Built”.  Then on the weekends get massages, pedicures, and the tanning bed.  I will spend the money that I paid off my debts with on myself. Only better now, because now I am single. I have my act together. And all of the ladies are watching and paying attention.  Then I plan on making as many  “friends” as I can. After going to hell for six years I need to offset that with going to heaven.  YOU LOSS, MY GAIN!!!!

So now I can enjoy life to the fullest. And enjoy each and every moment.

You just stay here in Orange County, CA. Play your games on your next victim. But never forget that what you thought was “dead” is now “alive” and well in San Diego.  And I have another 40+ years to enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you so much for my new life!!! Oh, and ALL of my “girlfriends” want to say “Thank You” as well for letting me go.  They APPRECIATE ME more than you ever know”


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