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Fitting the Sociopath Mold

So, here is my story and I feel my wife fits the mold. Maries 11 years with 2 now teenage stepdaughters.
In November of last year I found my wife cheating with a boy 13 years younger (she is 40). Come to find out that she even went on a triple date with the kids, their boyfriends, and the om while I was at work.
I had suspicions, but could never prove anything. I had depression and suicidal thoughts but could not come out of my fog and accept reality until the proof hit me.
I immediately told her I wanted her out of the marital home. 4 days later, I get served with a protection from abuse order and forced out of my home. Within days, the om is moved in.
The protection order was dismissed but I chose to stay away.
I lost my 15 year career in law enforcement, my home and my self esteem.
In the past 8 months, I filed for divorce, possession of my house, and spousal support. I was awarded support, and the night before the house hearing they all moved and took everything. The house is now on the market.
In the past 2 months, I ran into her on 2 occassions while shopping locally. I ignored her existence. It did not matter. She filed complaints with police that I was stalking her, taking her mail, and posting things on facebook (the truth). I haver endured her 70 yo father following me and stalking me and made 3 police complaints and nothing has been done. They family is well known in the area and are friends with many officers and she had “relations” with half of them. (I’ve come to find this out now).
She ignores my attempts at trying to communicate about issues (no relationship talk) to end this madness and he’ll of a marriage. She spews on facebook about me being verbally and emotionally abusive and deflecting all blame on me. She is so in love with the boy and he is the white night. She talks about truth and loyalty (ha) like she knows what that is.
I have been threatened by the om with a firearm and I am taking legal action on that now.
I just began reading this today and I am emotionally a wreck. How could I have been so stupid to be duped like this?
It hurts! Hurts bad!
My therapist has warned me that in the future (when this doesn’t work out for them) she will attempt re entry into my life. That scares me. Anyone else have theirs come back?
I cannot handle that nor do I want to.

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