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Does It End With The Smear Campaign?

If you think life with a Sociopath was Hell, imagine your Sociopath involved with a Narcissist or a Narcissistic Sociopath.  Think about that for a minute.  You have 2 that were dating, they broke up and now they are coming after you.  Hell times 2.  Why you, you are asking.  I asked the same thing. The only thing I could come up with, you have no idea what your Ex said to his / her former partner.  My thought, maybe he / she wanted the heat away from them because they certainly do not want anything to tarnish their life. So, what is the perfect scenario?  Make you the reason for their breakup. He  / She maybe said “I’d like to try it with so and so again”.  Well, that would turn the fire from him / her to you in a split second.  And it’s on.

I’m sorry to say, Smear Campaigns can come from all directions and you must, must be ready because it’s a shock to see your name in black and white and the writing is full of lies. It happened to me and continues to happen.  For me, I am 3 years into my healing and I have dealt with this and I’ve built a hard shield….you have too or it will eat you alive.   I am still livid but there is no winning.

So, what do you do?  Well, after the second ‘SC’, I contacted my attorney.  I wanted to annihilate this person.  He said this happens all the time….all the time.  Sad isn’t it? He said we can address it, then he / she will take it down and it will pop up again at another time and place.  Or we can leave it alone, know it’s there, watch it and if it becomes completely life altering, we will deal with it.  I chose the latter because I would rather know what cards he / she is playing rather than not know what the A-hole is up too.  Why poke a snake right?  In checking that everything was still in place, I found something else and it was slanderous. But the person who wrote it made it from the X….even used his name and where he works.  One thing I know, he would never draw attention to himself in any way shape or form.  It was written with such anger, I laughed. Words were misspelled or misused.  3 years ago, I would not have laughed, I would have fallen apart.  Time will heal the hurt…I promise.

But, I’m wise to the Sociopath and I have my sword and shield out always ready.  Visualize what your sword and shield looks like, how are you standing, are you a Super Hero?  Damn right, you’re a Super Hero!  You are fierce and can do battle when you need too.  You just need to be ready.

Just because you went through one ‘SC’ doesn’t mean you are over and done.  And remember, you will never ever win.  There is no winning in a ‘SC’.

If you are new into your healing, reach out to anyone on this site.  Someone will always be here with an extended hand to help you.  Work on building your sword and shield and be ready. These people are vicious, even though they preach peace and love, it’s a disguise and it’s your job to see through it and be on guard.  Let them rot in Karma Hell.  You will rise above it and you will win.



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