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Breaking Up

I am reaching out to you reader’s on this email I received. I have replied personally, but also thought it would be good to have you, give your own personal experience(s) on how you broke up with a Sociopath. This is not for those of you who were discarded, rather, YOU ended the relationship. I will point out one very important fact in this…..these 2 people live on different continents! If your like me, my first thought is: you live on 2 separate continents, it’s real easy, BLOCK all access to you! Delete him from Facebook/Whatsapp/Snapchat etc. And this person ask’s ‘how to break up peacefully”…..there is no such word(s) as Peace or Peacefully when dealing with a Sociopath.

I’m in a 1 yr relationship with a full blown narcissistic sociopath. I found out he has this personality disorder recently. I am ready to get him off my life now. Because he’s continuously draining me financially and emotionally. He’s very selfish and insensitive and I can’t stand his rudeness and aggression towards other people. I’ve been reading articles about his condition for a few months already and he exactly fits everything and more. Now I’m done tolerating his shit but I’m still pretending I have no idea what kind of person he is. Should I let him know that I know he’s a sociopath that’s why I wanna break up with him? Or just give him other reasons for breaking up? I’m scared of his revenge after I dump him because he seems like the violent type. Please tell me how to break up peacefully with an extremely violent narcissistic sociopath. Without him wanting to hurt me back. I don’t want scandal or physical injury from him. I’ve suffered emotional and financial trauma already with him in the course of our relationship.

I know you think I’m not probably in danger because we don’t live together. If I don’t feel I’m in danger I wouldn’t even bother asking other people’s help. This man is violent and doesn’t give a fck about anyone. He doesn’t even care what happens to him to his life or if he goes to jail. He has said that many times when he got pissed off with an old lady at the casino. He wanted to beat her up literally. Lucky the authorities were able to take her away. I’m afraid of him because he is physically violent. Not only verbally. That’s why I don’t want to piss him off.
When he’s angry he trips and becomes impulsive unmindful of the repercussions of his actions.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.


3 Responses to “Breaking Up”

  1. Elaine Philips

    You are Right, we live on separate Continents.. Although he is not the violent type He is everything else, especially with Finances, He always had some financial woes, & I never had anything extra to Spare.. There is a Saying where I came from. “” A FOOL & HIS MONEY SOON PART.. I made sure he did not get any of mines, the little I spent was off my own free will. He is Selfish, Insensitive, Arrogant & Very Rude, It is like he has No Conscience, No Empathy.. The TRUTH is Foreign to him. If he is confronted with a Lie, he will cover it up with another Lie..

    Full of himself.. There is not much he could have done to me because I was not around him for very .long. I Did not have Sexual Relations with him because although he is a real Charmer, very Handsome, & I knew he had other Sexual Partners.. He did not Press me either… I liked him ,, but right under the Surface I could see something, was Just not right with him.. Is like he was wearing a disguise. He could be one person Today & another person the next day..

    I don’t think he believed I was really leaving.. Glad I did.,


  2. Santaland

    Read this site. My only input in trying to break up peacefully (which will never happen) is to become boring, quiet, emotionless. They will pick up on this quickly and create drama, do not respond, just simply do nothing, and let them think and say whatever. If it gets physical, call the authorities, otherwise the key word is boring. Even when you have sex…boring (although it might feel great), think of him as a big fat ugly frog on top of you.


    • Tela

      Very good comment SantaLand. Until she is truly ready to end it, and as you said never peacefully, all she can do is read, educate herself and be the one to make the decision.

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