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Nuage de mots - Spiritualité

……or lack of in a Sociopath.

We have already established that Narcissist &Sociopaths have little or no conscience. And all the other personality disorder traits we can attach to them. With this lack of empathy, conscience, guilt, etc. they are basically Cardboard Cutouts, Puppets, Empty people inside.

Is this emptiness due to a lack of Spirituality and/or Faith? A Sociopath will ‘blame’ their behaviour on their childhood (most will tell us how tragic their childhood was {usually a lie}), or by someone treating them horribly wrong (usually an ex, or boss {again, another lie}). Some will tell us how they never had a religious foundation as a young person. However, none of them will admit they have a serious mental illness, and therefore they are hollow inside and very one dimensional, lacking in any Spirituality.

Sociopaths lack comprehension outside of the five senses. They are incapable of soul-searching or self-sacrificing. Does this automatically label them with no spirituality or faith? Not necessarily, however in the presence of other’s {or certain social situations}, they can put on a show of ’empathy’ or ‘concern’,  or altruism for purposes of social manipulation. They can turn the tears on to elicit sympathy. They will do something nice or say something kind in a social setting solely to guilt trip us later. This is a person missing a higher component, a SPIRIT .

Our Spirit is the core of our individualism. If you notice, a Sociopath mimics us, they display learned behaviour {which get’s them what they need and/or want; personal gain]. Our spirit  also represents our true self. It accumulates life experiences and spiritual wisdom. Some of us also believe it survives physical death and transcends with us. Sociopaths have no Spirituality….. they have no self-awareness, individuality, wisdom in the true sense, empathy, creative intelligence, or conscience. Spiritual life lessons have no purpose to a Sociopath.

Some Sociopaths lack any connection to a specific faith~they try and tell us we are ‘brainwashed’ by the church. A Sociopath can display a behaviour as a person with values, spirituality, faith. However, because this is a ‘display’ of behaviour, there is no real foundation of their supposed belief’s. You may have a deep belief in your Christian Faith,  that can be used against you. Most Sociopaths believe they are without sin~ and most all Sociopaths believe in Karma (in a bad sense), as apposed to having a belief in a higher being.

True Sociopaths cannot be ‘cured’ because something is fundamentally flawed at their core. Because they lack empathy and remorse altogether, these qualities cannot be recovered because they were never there to begin with in the first place. In most cases they have never been able to understand Spirituality.


13 Responses to “Spirituality”

  1. Moggy Cat

    My comment part 2

    Did anyone else have this? Or part 1

    Mother also used to work herlself up into states of agression. Shouting, swearing slagging off everyone. Anything could set her off. Even asking her a question; she would say in a cold loud voice”Yes” would boom around our ears. You dare not ask anything. Sometimes as a child I worried for our safety.

    I felt her behaviour was saying don’t bother me don’t exist. Dont cough, dont breath louldy at night; I used to hold my breath; then cough she’d go crazy screaming and could not stop.

    She used to say, shes was worked up to a ‘pitch’. In that pitch my relative would smash a table to release the evil tension she built up. She wanted a fight at all times ,a bully. Love was not enough She would go even more crazy. What was going on. I feel abused by people around me leaving us to cope with that.

    She would leave the country for months leaving us with relatives. Then return accusing them of taking us. Ffs

    Relatives offered to have us but she viewed it as a plot. Yes she was paranoid and dangerous.

    Why was she not stopped offically. Why did we have to deal with her alone.


  2. Moggy Cat

    Mother has this condition. Cold as ice. Little hart. Only sees hurts against her. She can be compassonate at times and does mean it. Sheis brilliiant around people socially and does show care like a entertainer. When we brother n sister used to talk as kids she shout ‘shut up’, couldn’t turn over in bed she’d ‘shout keep still’, couldn’t cough if had a cold “keep quiet” .

    She punshed a lady in the stamach once because she said the launderrette is closed come back tomorrow. Mother said not likely and punched the woman.

    Another time two teenage girls laughed at her young way of dressing. She followed them down escalator and put her hand bag over their heads hard!. I was 16 then. The girls screamed and cried. At same time their own behaviour was horrible.

    I couldn’t stop mother abusing people . Yet she was stylish and talented , loved music and met famous people who loved her. She was offered by a director to have top class acting lessons after being a extra in a advert. She is totally theatrical. Very very Male. I always thought she was Gay or Bi. I don’t register her as straight at all. Research suggests Phychopaths are gender neutral to serve what they need to be and from and around men or women as a advantage. She wanted to be a designer as a child. She is great with clothes. Men and Women are drawn to her. Gay men and Woman seem to handle her better than most.

    I also was handed that gender fluid thing genes or energy.

    Mother has been like a horror film; many storys to tell of screaming like a nightmare and having to scream back to put her in place like a monster needing to be held down. I always felt she should have been in prision. Felt burdened. When people met her with us. They’d say to me later’ I never want to meet her again. She would say hello; then say in a loud voice can we go. I didnt ask to meet THIS person. It was so bad it was like comedy ; people would laught and cringe. She hated people I liked and she would attack them severly mentally to pieces.

    All our lives we knew something was wrong ,but no one had any ideas they just left.

    She is one of the most powerful people I have ever known. Her mind pentrates into people, she likes to project her hate deeply into people then try and control them, see them heat up literally with the strain. Very cleverly done like a witch or dark wizard. When they explode she will attack even more. Some people try and attack her verbally sometimes physically which puts me at risk also. Often I walk off myself.

    When she gets vulnerable she quickly plays the victim and asks passers by for help like a actress. I think she has psycic power. That power, I have learnt to convert into positive energy helps me with creative projects I do.

    Off spring are all spiritual and into healing and health. We had too to survive.

    She devalued us all our lives now we struggle with confidence issues and making projects work. We recognise this and vow to improve it together. We feel very battered by her. Her family rejected her and moved abroad and never returned to her. Thats how bad it was.

    Its like she is some sort of monster warrior come to shake people up and mirror humans crule minds.. Holistic thinking here?

    I love my Mother and she is a friend too. But the other two are waiting for her to go. She felt like a curse at times. She never buys us anything but gives us used and sometimes dirty items she found as presents which hurts a lot.

    I forced her to show respect and value while she is stil alive. Now she buys me dinner once a week which she hated at first. And now and then when I look greatful. She will shoult ‘never again’ or when I feel guilty for taking her money. The dinner is only £6.99. But most of the time now she has started enjoying giving for the first time: as she has got older and weaker more Love has emerged. Very powerful Love. I’m glad I stuck around. Yes its been hard. She is also unique and incredible.

    She never spends money and gets support and funding. Yet never buys us anything new.

    She put the family deliberately into povety mode as a dramatic act. Yet she has thousands saved.

    She keeps moving home no where is good enough. She calls people idiots. But she makes valid points about how crule people can be and she tries to beat people at a game some unaware people play subconciously to out do each other. She is already waiting. She seems to live her subconcious whereas others its hidden; so she can tap into it. Hers is dark but some are light. She can see light now and then.

    When she spends money on us (her hand shakes.)

    My advice. Shout back. Show passion. Don’t put up with it sh…. If you stick around you could try being constantly loving. But you will get bullied. But believe they will find Love in time. I hope yours is not too dangerous if so you need ourside help.



  3. John stewart

    Thanks for the understanding my brother has just split up with a sociopath and i like this information as both me and my brother has strong beliefs in the spirit world.thanks john.


  4. Dan

    I’ve been half way through long response to this, but it’s frozen and cut off both times.
    So basically, most sociopaths are the way they are through childhood abuse whether it be emotional/physical/mental.
    You were trying to say that when sociopaths say this, they are wrong and misguided. Let me tell you, that is extremely ignorant.
    You seem to blame it on a mental illness or birth defect, you don’t know how wrong you are.
    Lack of empathy is nearly always due to abuse, children who have narcissist parents or abusive parents lost their ability to empathise as their parent hurt them so much, and that IS the reason for their behaviour.
    I honestly don’t care if you have a degree in physcology or whatever else your claiming, it doesn’t change the fact what your saying here is for the most part untrue.
    Also religion has nothing to do with spirituality, and neither does faith.
    Stop trying to make your own religious beliefs seem credible by using sociopaths as a scapegoat for people who oppose religion.
    This is so ill-informed. And your obvious religious beliefs further expose yourself as a self-rightepus ignoramus, good day to you


    • Tela

      Dan, after giving your comment some serious thought, I went ahead and approved it. Even though it plainly states on A Face to this Website, that comments that are attacking, derogatory or self-serving will not be tolerated. With that being said, I had to laugh 😀 that ‘being half way through this long response….it froze’………hmmmmmm, now why do you think that happened?
      NOWHERE in this article do I state a Sociopath is because of a ‘BIRTH DEFECT’. And I will correct your misinformation regarding empathy. It is NOT always due to abused, or children of narcissistic parents”. That statement is purely false. I suggest before you start leaving comments on websites, you, yourself get better educated on ALL LEVELS of mental health disorder and ASPD. I find your last sentence to be extremely ignorant on your behalf, and you apparently are lacking empathy & spirituality Good day to you as well 😀 😀


  5. Richard

    I am a Psychopath, I’ve dealt with it since childhood, I’ve constantly been alone and I’ve continued to live life in solitude, I know that I have these natural inclinations to manipulate others, but I have not given into them, I will never give into them. I am also a Narcissist, I know that, another reason I prefer my own company, I view most every other person I know as “weak”, I have achieved a level of intelligence and knowledge of social situations where I do not need to manipulate people to get what I want as I have already gotten it. The end goal was to find peace, inner peace. I have achieved this, I see the world for what it truly is and I can judge people evenly, those that go around spreading false conjecture like you have annoy me as you’ve not met every Sociopath in the world, therefore you cannot cast your rock like you have, Sociopath aren’t the only people that fall into your views, if anything they make up perhaps 10% of the people that actually do what you’ve said and even in that 10%, it’s natural to them, which makes you worse off for judging them when it’s the majority of people like yourself, the “normal” ones that lie, steal, cheat, murder, abuse and indoctrinate children into your lifestyles.

    I do not follow any specific religion, nor any scientific theories on what is right, wrong and “out there”. I understand God has the possibility of existing, I understand science has some of the answers to questions in life and some religions like Taoism and Buddhism have good answers to healthy lifestyles, What I cannot condone is saying that we’re hollow, Spirituality has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with religion, it existed and exists without Religions inputs, Religions only serve to understand it, not claim to have any particular claim to it.

    I find your views deplorable at best and the fact you single out psychopaths even worse, before you start throwing your stones, weed out your own gardens, get rid of your pedophiles, your rapists, your murders, then you may step into our domain and try to speak like you know what you’re talking about.

    When I started this I simply wanted to inform you that you were wrong about us, but now I just want you to feel bad and shamed for how you’ve acted, like a father shaming his child for using a bad word without realising it’s meaning.

    You anger me, my anger is not deep and will leave within a few minutes, your anger will last for hours, days, weeks, months, years. You are an evolutionary slug and psychopaths are blazing a trail ahead of you, cling to your preconceptions, let’s see what it gets you in the end.

    Yours Sincerely,



    • Tela

      Richard, let me correct you on a few things here. First and foremost I nowhere in this post write about a ‘psychopath’ as you claim to be. Secondly, you have your assumptions wrong on the percentage of Sociopaths in society, it is more like 1 in 25 people {far more than 10%}. As far as me ‘judging’ them, my career is in psychology. I have spent years dealing with people who have Anti Social Personality Disorder. My website is to help victims of Narcissistic Sociopaths, men


      women. You have every right to disagree with my views, remember, I am not a self-proclaimed Psychopath as you state you are. As far as angering me, no, far from it! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog 🙂


  6. James

    “And harder still to get away” After visiting your website and reading everything, I have realized who my significant other really is, I am shocked, horrified-it all makes sense-all the criteria fit her. We were about to buy a house, I am in the getting away phase. Fortunately we do not live together, but I cant change my number as I have job interviews. These people destroy lives, I think mine was saved by the skin of my teeth..getting away is going to be ignoring phone calls, deleting txt without reading, staying away from home. Eventually I will realize I am a decent caring bloke with two beautiful girls from my previous marriage, and devote my attention to working hard to be a good parent and not an emotional zombie this soulless beast made me…that feels better

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tela

      James~ the ‘getting away’ is very difficult. The most important thing to do is establish the NO CONTACT and stick with it!!! Read this post. And now is the time to focus on you and your daughter’s like you said. Will you ever be the man you were prior to your Sociopath? No, but you now have the ability to spot these people and when the red flags start to appear, RUN! D: Love yourself!


  7. James

    I understand that sociopaths are very destructive; their actions evil, and should be avoided, but it seems they are wired from birth incomplete, in other words they cannot help it, its not their fault? They have no choice, they are soul less


    • Tela

      True! Some are ‘wired from birth’, other’s is learned behaviour from their upbringing, other’s still start to disconnect in their early 20’s. It’s just simply toxic to be involved with them. And harder still to get away from them.

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