A Healing & Informative Site About Narcissistic Sociopaths

Sociopath Conspiracy

As you know, the Narcissistic Sociopath is never at fault. And everyone one of them is a victim of someone or something. Absolutely nothing they did in their life is because of their words and actions! They go through life thinking there is a Conspiracy against them. This thought process of theirs happens because they have an agenda! And that agenda is to search for an easy prey, suck the life blood out of you, and discard when they are done or you no longer can provide or feed their Conspiracy.

You follow their demands~No Conspiracy. You corner them about a lie ~equals Conspiracy. You try and get accountability out of them~ equals Conspiracy. You set ground rules ~ equals Conspiracy. Court orders in place~ equals Conspiracy. You question them about where they have been~ equals Conspiracy. You ask them to help you do something~ equals Conspiracy {because they are thinking ‘what’s in it for me to help}. You point out their abuse~ equals Conspiracy. You point out they are hurting the children (emotionally etc)~ equals Conspiracy. You go No Contact, and then you break the No Contact~ equals Conspiracy. You give in to their bullshit words of ‘love and I’m sorry’ equals~ No Conspiracy. You beg and plead with them to change~ equals Huge Conspiracy. You find out they have been cheating and question them~ equals another Huge Conspiracy. 

Do you see the pattern? Everything that we know to be right, morally correct, honest and true, they interpret as a Conspiracy against them. The reason being is because they simply cannot comprehend that YOU have a heart <3. You have the ability to reason and know right from wrong. You connected on a deep emotional level. You believed their lies. You helped them when they needed help {without the thought of what’s in it for me}. The Sociopath lacks ALL OF THAT.  We know they live in fear of exposure. That is why they sail through life being the victim of their own made up Conspiracy about themselves. The Narcissistic Sociopath goes through life on the outskirts of Society with a mask in place. You think when you met them, ‘wow, what an incredible person’. Yes, until you see the hollow, emptiness inside of them and how they silently stripped you of your core being all because of their thought process: Sociopath Conspiracy!

if you don’t have exposure, you simply, don’t exist              paul mackay


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