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Sociopath and Duping Delight

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them”      maya angelou

Sociopaths and Narcissists enjoy the art of duping, or the art of conning or whatever verb you want to inject. Everyday that you forgive the sociopaths behavior, believe the litany of lies, and give habitual second chances is only enabling the sociopath to continue this destructive behavior towards you {and children if you have them}.

The sociopaths use a mixture of words and sentences all scramble together to create the duper delight salad. Here are the ingredients of the salad:

  • abundance of meaningless and irrelevant facts {as they see them}
  • circular conversation that never ends
  • condescending tone, talking down to you
  • blaming, shaming, and denying and always having excuses
  • alternating from abuser to victim to back again
  • always right with their point of views
  • relentless in their verbal dissertation when wanting you to believe something {especially when you know to be untrue}

Why does a sociopath get a thrill out of duping you? Because it gives them a sense of pulling one over on someone. They also do this, like they do most things, to obtain something; sex, social status, domination,money, sympathy, housing, entertainment and so on. When a sociopath ‘gets away’ with something it gives them a sense of superiority. They have spent years mimicking other’s, never developing their own individuality, therefore just taking bits and pieces of the duper delight and what they have been able to personally gain from it. This is learned behavior they have in place, and all at the expense of an innocent person(s).

The sociopath is in constant forward motion keeping the duper delight mask on. All the while wearing the mask of model citizen, or highly respected in a chosen profession, a wonderful spouse/parent, or even an excellent neighbor etc. If they are caught they can blame the one incident on an innocent mistake, when in all reality this is their true character! Duping people, conning people out of whatever the sociopath feels they deserve is a normal way of life to the sociopath. More often than not you may find yourself hoping the sociopath will change and start doing the right thing. The sad truth is, most will not stop. Or are you self-driven to not say anything just to keep the peace? This just enables the sociopath to continue the same destructive behavior. Even when confronted, the sociopath will toss the salad and something else will come out of their mouth…..always keeping a level of confusion and exhaustion when dealing with them. o_O

19 Responses to “Sociopath and Duping Delight”

  1. Garrett

    This article describes my parents perfectly. On a good day they are malignant narcissists. The rest of the time they are Dark Triads.


  2. Jennifer Moss

    Interesting, however some of these actions are also attributed to those who have Asperger’s:

    * abundance of [non]meaningless facts {as they see them}
    * circular conversation that never ends
    * condescending tone, talking down to you
    * blaming, shaming, and denying and always having excuses
    * always right with their point of views
    * relentless in their verbal dissertation when wanting you to believe something

    And yet neuro-atypical adults are not sociopaths nor unfeeling. Just a reminder that the “salad” may also lead to a different diagnosis.

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  3. sunkist123

    Would it be possible for you to add a Pinterest share icon on your site? You have very important info here, including the article on this page, and I’d like to help it get more readers.


  4. Suzie

    My thoughts have been disabled. I have only just realised this is not my paranoia, I’m here searching and searching . . . Wanting all the people he has turned against me the knowwha he has done, but I can’t. Sea Ching and searching for the women he has lied about and blamed me . . . I’m never find the answers. I’m can’t function, I’m crying out for help but nobody is listening, they all think I am mad.


  5. 18mitzvot

    It is completely true that a NPS loves conning people, and needs to appear respected in the community. But does anyone really know why? To avoid being re-victimized, we need to know how the NPS operates, for sure. But someday, I would also like to know why they behave this way. What do they get out of misrepresenting themselves so that no-one truly knows who they are? I don’t understand the need for masks.


    • Tela

      Why do they do this? Because they have an inability to connect with people on an honest, real emotional level. They have an inability to accept failure {instead of looking at things are learning instances}. They cannot accept criticism {as they interpret that as an attack on WHO they are}, instead of taking it as constructive. Because most suffer with lifelong boredom they get a ‘thrill’ or ‘rush’ from being able to con someone, {to them it gives them the thrill of making you realize how gullible you are/were} instead of having remorse for hurting you. They need to have a feeling of superiority over you, more knowledge, more talents, more this more that….that is why the need for the masks, they are never who they APPEAR to be. Hope this helped.

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      • 18mitzvot

        I think you are saying that they fake it because they are fakes. That’s sad but true.


    • Christine

      My mother was one, and my brother & nephew are too. They want total control. At all times. They are totally disdainful of everyone. And their veneer of civility is so very thin. They are frightening.

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      • Rivka

        I forget that sometimes – when I want the loving persona back. Yes, the mask is thin and covers a monster. You said it beautifully.


      • Tela

        Thank you Christine for your comment. Yes, once you see through their ‘veneer’, they are frightening!


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