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Object Of Desire


Why do we love sociopath’s? How easy was it to fall in love with the perfect person who shared so many of your similarities?. How easy was it to believe what was spewing from their mouths?  While we have/are falling in love with the person, a sociopath is claiming an object of his/her desire. And therein is the difference between those of us who do not have a personality disorder {or however you want to label your sociopath/psychopath/narcissist}.

The media and Hollywood have created ‘good’ sociopath’s. They profit from the exploitation of what sociopath’s do. Is there really such a thing? What ‘good’ is there in a person who sets out to absolutely destroy your entire being?  The thing that set’s us apart from a sociopath is they manipulate social connections, while we are mired in them. They have a detachment to feelings of love, compassion, empathy, and truth! Whereas, we feel each of these things. We have a moral compass.

If only I didn’t give a fuck about anyone or anything, we think–then I would be powerful and free. Then I would be the one with millions of dollars, with the powerful and prestigious job, with more sexual opportunities than I know what to do with.

This quote is how a sociopath’s mind works…….they actually don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything. All is open game to them at whatever cost to their object of desire. Be it a person, a position in their career or a social standing.  Their sexual opportunities are what drives their highly delusional over-inflated ego they have about themselves. We are bound by moral’s and social obligations. Sociopath’s are completely amoral. How many times have your tried to reason with your sociopath only to be made to feel like you, yourself are seriously lacking in any moral’s? Or you, yourself seriously lack in social obligations? That’s because they can twist and turn and manipulate your thought process since they have a total detachment from truth. They are just like a child who cries because they want a new toy……once they get the toy, they play with it for a bit then toss it.

Sociopath’s spend their entire lives working to obtain their objects of desire. Imagine the amount of effort it would take for us, non-socio’s to try and callously obtain someone knowing we were simply going to use them for a bit, then coldly and heartlessly walk away. Our hearts bleed~we wonder, do they even have a heart? I know in the literal sense they do, I also know, they are soulless. So when we set our mind out to obtain an object of desire , that is usually a physical object, and never a person! And the hardest part to wrap our heads around is the cold and calculated way sociopaths/psychopath’s bring innocent children into their amoral beliefs.

If you haven’t heard this , you need to listen to it. This is my socio in a classic narcissist rage and the object of his desire at this moment is getting what he wanted at the expense of innocent lives. {note-you may have to listen to it on a PC as it does not load on a phone or tablet.} That is is ex-wife and 8 year old daughter. You can hear the complete detachment in his voice when addressing his child. Because any and everything physical and non-physical is simply an object of desire to a sociopath, and nothing more.

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7 Responses to “Object Of Desire”

  1. Jerri Taylor

    Thankfully, I never got too attached….too many makeups and breakups with the narcopath…but was he ever shocked I had moved during a breakup and settled, while he was trying to ruin my job. Many letters, cards, sob stories-lots of projection, gas lighting. Thank heavens i was more consumed with my move and settling. Never could get his face out of the re-frame my sisters put on him, UGLY…they said. I think this kept me from falling and the horrible bonding process I see others talking about. Sweet revenge, when I kept his TV, accepted the FREE dinners out, and acted as I would consider letting him move me with him, (fingers crossed behind my back-grinning). Sweet revenge when he stood outside pleading for 7 hours, while I enjoyed hot cocoa, best yet- when he was escorted and told in his best interest to leave the property and not come back, as this was in his best interest, by my cousin -my watch dog and neighbor. Yes- I was duped and he attempted to keep valuable assets which I sold and new owner retrieved from him…Yes I lost some money- But ladies he didn’t get my heart or my soul, and when I see him around, I’m gonna wink and say GOTCHA! Worth a mill to see the narcopath trout off down the hill packing his how great thou aren’t fake attitude. Bless you all and may your time be short with a spath, and your recovery blessed. If you think somethings wrong with the picture…go with your gut. Keys hidden to keep me unstable and guessing. Don’t think they get better-this one was 63. I’m a nurse, perfect for him, kindness.Not exactly- we watch good people die all the time-kinda makes you tough…And I’m way too proud to ever shed a tear for him….and to think he told folks he had me under some physcopathic bond….he will need a bond alright, to get out of jail should he come back…Guess it’s drama and Halloween for them all year. Once again, blessing to the ones of you suffering for being trusting and good people….surround yourselves with the good people, and mirror as he put it, yourself and see your wonderful reflection and future.


  2. Shelon

    Thank you so much for your blog. It’s very comforting to know I’m not alone. I’ve been dealing with my new ex socio for over a year. The cheating, lies etc. back in May I cut off all contact, and he finally found me in Sept. He cried, pleaded and promised he changed. Wanted me to move with him where he now lives(Florida, I live in SoCal). I went to visit and came home Saturday in the morning. Later that night I received a call from a girl he flew in. Basically him telling her the same things. She alsoforward me texts he was sending her while I was there. The creepiest thing was these messages didn’t even sound like him. They were so over the top! He was in character for her. He was reciting poems etc. meanwhile he was just bad mouthing her to a friend of what an fool & idiot she is and how he used her sex.
    I knew this pattern with him all too well. He’s done this to me for the last time. I wished her well. I hung up, blocked her and him from all social networking, and changed my phone number. This man has drained my life for over a year and I’ll be damn I will give him anymore. I’m grateful for her phone call.

    Thank you,


    • Tela

      Thank you Syc for your comment. It is just so heartbreaking how these Sociopaths cause such destruction! Like a tornado, they come in, cause massive chaos/confusion and emotional destruction, then up and away they go.



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