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Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who MIMICS  you after all?

There are several websites and blogs that use the term ‘mirroring’ to describe what a sociopath, psychopath does during the Seduction Stage 1. I do not particularly agree with that term, instead I use Mimicking.

  1. 1.
    imitate (someone or their actions or words), typically in order to entertain or ridicule.

This more accurately describes what our future love  devil in disguise is actually doing. And particularly the ridicule in the latter stages. Is there a type of music you listened to that suddenly became their favourite music? Did you like  a particular restaurant and surprise, that happened to be their favourite also . What about certain phrases you use? Did your Socio/Psycho start using those as well? Did they tell you how regularly they attended Church (only to find out they do not belong to a Church and/or Religion)…but they were more than happy to accompany you to your Mass? When you had to take your children to their sports obligations did they tell you how they excelled in certain sports? And then offered to help coach or try and get involved in their life (rather quickly)? Is there a certain designer of clothing you like to wear that, astonishingly your Socio/Psycho also wears? Does he positively enforce your good qualities? I could go on and on with the list of Mimics.

Why do these people do this? Because Sociopath’s lack comprehension outside of the five senses. They cannot comprehend that while they were growing up and developing their personalities, they should have developed their own individualism.  However, they missed that step…because of whatever reason {jury is out on reasons why as it could be related to environment, abusive parent’s, neglect and so on}. So they mimic us, which is part of their agenda, and a great selling point for us.

By mimicking,  we are drawn, almost immediately, to the similarities between us. Because Sociopath’s have had to mimic people their entire lives, who knows what they actually Do and Do NOT like.  If you find yourself in a new relationship with someone who rather quickly starts to mimic you {regularly},  and has other Personality Disorder traits, RUN! Do not make excuses, or second guess your intuition! Every single person has to have individualism, there is nothing wrong with having similarities and/or same values and goals. Do not be blinded by fool’s love.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall……He Does Not Define You After All

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5 Responses to “Mirror Mirror”

  1. 18mitzvot

    My ex-husband was especially cruel about using my strengths against me. Things that, in the beginning, he said had attracted him to me; well, later, he used to bring them up as proof of how idiotic I was. He got me to trust him and then to tell him about all my vulnerabilities – which he later used to torment me. It was dirty fighting, narcissist-style.


    • Tela

      I like that, dirty fighting Narcissistic Style. And YES, that is exactly what they do. Because you have and are everything he will not, he used your strength as ammunition. Just sickening!

      Liked by 1 person


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