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Maladaptive Covert Narcissism Scale (MCNS)*

Covert Narcissism is often exposed when a person is able to get close to someone and can see through the cracks in their ‘mask’. They are able to identify delusional and grandiose ideals they have about themselves. Narcissist and Sociopaths are seemingly malicious in their words and actions, and are usually undermining other’s lives and morals.

When you become involved with someone with an Anti-Social Personality Disorder they systematically & methodically destroy your sense of self-worth, they tear down your self-esteem, and bit by bit take all the peace, happiness, & trust you had, away. You find yourself one day becoming a shell of a human. Below is a test used to help diagnose a person. Keep in mind, Sociopaths & Narcissist are very good at manipulation, so they can and often times do manipulate these questions and ‘justify’ their answers. Those of us without DSM do not need to manipulate or justify any of these questions. 

Please answer the following questions by deciding to what extent each item is characteristic of your feelings and behavior. Fill in the blank next to each item by choosing a number from this scale:

1 = very uncharacteristic or untrue, strongly disagree

2 = uncharacteristic

3 = neutral

4 = characteristic

5 = very characteristic or true, strongly agree

  1. ___ I can become entirely absorbed in thinking about my personal affairs, my health, my cares or my relations to others.
  2. ___ My feelings are easily hurt by ridicule or the slighting remarks of others.
  3. ___ When I enter a room I often become self-conscious and feel that the eyes of others are upon me.
  4. ___ I dislike sharing the credit of an achievement with others.
  5. ___ I feel that I have enough on my hand without worrying about other people’s troubles.
  6. ___ I feel that I am temperamentally different from most people.
  7. ___ I often interpret the remarks of others in a personal way.
  8. ___ I easily become wrapped up in my own interests and forget the existence of others.
  9. ___ I dislike being with a group unless I know that I am appreciated by at least one of those present.
  10. ___ I am secretly “put out” or annoyed when other people come to me with their troubles, asking me for their time and sympathy.
  11. ___ I am jealous of good-looking people.
  12. ___ I tend to feel humiliated when criticized.
  13. ___ I wonder why other people aren’t more appreciative of my good qualities.
  14. ___ I tend to see other people as being either great or terrible.
  15. ___ I sometimes have fantasies about being violent without knowing why.
  16. ___ I am especially sensitive to success and failure.
  17. ___ I have problems that nobody else seems to understand.
  18. ___ I try to avoid rejection at all costs.
  19. ___ My secret thoughts, feelings, and actions would horrify some of my friends.
  20. ___ I tend to become involved in relationships in which I alternately adore and despise the other person.
  21. ___ Even when I am in a group of friends, I often feel very alone and uneasy.
  22. ___ I resent others who have what I lack.
  23. ___ Defeat or disappointment usually shame or anger me, but I try not to show it.

If you thought on some of these, “Oh dear lord, that’s sooooo me,” don’t panic. There’s some overlap between this scale and other tests that measure introversion and sensitivity. In a recent study conducted on college students the average score on this scale was in the mid-upper 60s. So if your score hovered around that range, you’re about average in covert narcissism. If your score was below 40, you scored very low in covert narcissism.

* The first 10 items of this scale are taken from the original Hypersensitive Narcissism Scale. The rest of the items were added to create a more reliable and valid scale. This new and improved 23-item scale was recently presented at the 2013Association for Research in Personality conference by Jonathan Cheek, Holly Hendin, and Paul Wink. Courtesy of scientificamerican.com/


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