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Copy And Paste


One of the first questions I am usually asked is “how can the ex move on so quickly and live happily-ever-after”. The answer is very simple: All Sociopaths work in Copy/Paste Mode. Think about this……. before you met them, they had most likely discarded someone before you and that person is asking the same thing of you and the Sociopath “how could they just move on so fast and live happily-ever-after”? But you did not live happily-ever-after did you? 

All the words lies out of their mouths was copy/paste. Same shit they said to the person prior to you. All of their achievements , lies were the same things said to the prior person {copy/paste}. All the future dreams they filled your head with~ {copy/paste}. The euphoric sex and feeling like your ‘the one’~ {copy/paste} as the previous person(s) were made to feel the same way. Your head is reeling because of all of their pathological lies said to you {copy/paste}, they have said those same lies to countless other’s before you, and will be said to countless other’s after you. Whether your Ex Sociopath was aggressive or passive aggressive {copy/paste}, again that is how they were with the prior person. You feel in love, they did not! Now that they have sailed on to someone new~ stop telling yourself they woke up and are magically a ‘normal’ person! NO! They are NOT!! They are just simply working in copy/paste mode. It may take months or even years, but the relationship will end, just like yours did, and just like the one’s prior to you did.

As I said in this ARTICLE , I do not speak about Greg. The ex Sociopath that I was personally & intimately involved with. Here is a classic example of {copy/paste}. Greg had zero knowledge of wine. I am not a wine connoisseur! However, I do know a little about the specific wines I enjoy. So I introduced Greg to wines etc. As stated in the article, this man has been relentless as far as trying to contact me, ‘reel me in’ etc. What has been funny is, I have had the fortune or misfortune of having some of his ex’s contact me. I had to sit back and laugh at the {copy/paste} of how Greg introduced him to the wine’s I drink (I never corrected them and said “he did not know a thing about wine until me). How they said he verbally abused them and is full of raging anger {copy/paste}. How they caught him cheating and texting other women {copy/paste}, the pathological lies {copy/paste}. And all the same behaviours, words vs. actions etc. he did with me {copy/paste}.

So you see, your ex did not wake up one day with fairy dust sprinkled on them and now all of a sudden they are a changed person. NO! They are still and always will be a Sociopath to their core. It’s just another day of COPY/PASTE for them. The new person in their life is experiencing EXACTLY what you have. And what is there to miss about that?

I do it because i can, I can because I want to, I want to because you said I couldn’t. –



10 Responses to “Copy And Paste”

  1. Kelby

    i think they cut and paste other stuff as well… mine got me morano glass one year for my birthday.. really got the feeling it was something someone else liked..i never said i liked morano.. i like blue glass.. he used tweeisms.. like adding an extra ing ie, darlinging etc.. used before i think as well.. he used to ask for back ticklings every night without fail…
    also recyled.. we all just morph into dunno.. its weird tho… very weird…


    • Tela

      Thank you Kelby for your comment. And you are probably right about the Morano glass….. The Sociopath ‘learns’ ‘mimicks’ other’s behaviours/likes/dislikes etc and carries that ‘information’ with them. Like I have said in a previous article, they have no individual identity.



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