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Seduction Stage 2


There is an art to seduction……and a sociopath uses manipulation to achieve this. They have already progressed the relationship quickly! And between Seduction Stage~1 and Stage~2, the mask will slip, and you will start catching them in lies, wintessing a different persona, and questioning who is this person becoming. This is when Seduction Stage~2 takes place

While they are masters at verbal communication, they are also master’s at faking love. When you confront the Sociopath about their pathological lies, or something in their past that you discovered, you will see a rapid change in them! Almost instantaneous! Some exhibit the narcissistic rage, some exhibit fiend ‘hurt’ and of course all have the ability to deny any and every cold hard truth! Once this happens, we begin to re-evaluate the relationship, and the Sociopath see’s this happening. They are not ready to discard us, so they start with Seduction~Stage 2.

While Stage~2 is not as ‘whirlwind’ as Stage~1 since they have already succeeded in their original agenda to ‘hook-us’, they will do something different and of course with the same spontaneity as in Stage~1. They will give us a thrill that leads in a different direction. They will start to say things we want to hear, especially denying the lie’s and using phrases like ‘you know how much I love you, why would I lie to you”. They will again use the seductive language, comforting our insecurities (especially about their lie’s and the real person we are starting to see), they will use mind manipulation to try and make us believe their promises. They may also buy little gifts, or make a special meal, or order a case of your favourite wine. They have already established our wants/needs and desires. We have told them our deepest secrets, and they use all of this to create confusion (another topic) anything to please us once again to take our mind off of what is really happening.

Therefore, we tend to question ourselves, *maybe they didn’t really mean to lie, *maybe they just forgot the chain of events, *maybe I misunderstood what they said, *maybe their ex just doesn’t like me so he/she is actually the one lying, *maybe he is just confused because we are so ‘perfect’ together etc. And once more, we are caught up in the manipuation  seduction of a sociopath. This time with confusion in place.

There Is More To Life Than Simply Increasing It’s Speed” 

Mahatma Gandhi


13 Responses to “Seduction Stage 2”

  1. Confused

    I met my BF one year ago. At first it was like nothing I had ever experienced in a relationship , I was absolutely so happy that it was unbelievable. And right from the very beginning I kept second guessing exactly that .. if something is too good to be true it probably is!!!
    He had a very stable career as a fireman. He seemed to be respected by his peers and in the community. He never wanted or took anything monetary from me. So in that respect there was no red flags.
    However I came to realize he had many other ones.
    Secretive, on guard with his phone, constantly calling and texting me to see where I was and who I was with, blocks of time you couldn’t reach him, an obsession with my past relationships and knowing every detail about them, gaining access to my iTunes account innocently saying he wanted to use an old phone with no SIM card to download my music, many lies and especially lies about his whereabouts,
    I am puzzled though as he had a hard time saying he loved you and from what I have read they all do this. He would say everything but those words and looking back maybe he knew he was incapable.
    Today would have been our first anniversary and we were supposed to celebrate and leave this morning for a weekend getaway. However a switch flipped for me yesterday, he phoned me yesterday evening at 630 pm and was checking to see what I was doing and if I was all ready to go for morning when he would be picking me up at 730 am. He said he was going to grab a burger for dinner and then go home and relax for the evening and to text him when I went to bed. So I texted him at 930 pm and there was no reply and my bells went off. I drove by his house @ midnight and his truck was not there. I set my alarm for 5 am and drive by again. It was now in the driveway but had no snow on it so it could only have been there an hour at the most since it had been snowing all night.
    I went home and sent him a text and said I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t go this weekend. He immediately phoned and expressed sickening concern. I said I hadn’t been feeling well all evening and was going to discuss it last evening when I texted him goodnight but he didn’t reply to my text.
    I then got the same old lying oh I was sleeping when you texted me last night! Liar 🤥 I know for a fact he wasn’t even home.
    Now I feel that’s the last straw and I need to get off this Crazy Train of lies. I hope I am doing the right thing!


  2. Patrik

    Im in a custody battle right now and it was my shrink who enlightened me about her, how she is classic example of a psychopath- hitting all three Anti social, Narcissist, and borderline. It’s helped me tremendously and I se things clearly now. Still had to go to family court here in Sweden and she played all the cards. Strnge now when I know- and to see her pull all her moves in front of me. But at least I know what I’m up against. Not afraid anymore- the last 5 years has been pure hell. At least she doesnt know that know. We keep on fighting!


    • Tela

      Thank you Patrik for your comment and sharing. YES! It is always great once you start educating yourself on the type of person you have been dealing with. Your attorney/solicitor should also be made aware that the Ex is {I am assuming since I don’t know your story or any facts}}, that she is a Sociopath, therefore, a Psychological evaluation should be requested by your attorney/solicitor and also, keep every single bit of communication! Every bit. Be it email/text etc. Documentation is the most IMPORTANT to have when going to court. The judges don’t want to hear ‘he said/she said’ they want concrete proof. Best of luck to you


  3. Robyn

    One of these days, I am going to compile all my journals together, (from time with toxic ex) and turn them into a book. A compassionate plea to others out there wrapped up with one to get out whilst they still can!!


    • Eve Edwards

      no man women or event is ever worth you ending it, however i get you in the way people can have you thinking this is the only way out!
      i feel empathy for you and hope you stay strong and live a long and happy life:|)


      • Tela

        Thank you Eve for your comment. I do disagree with your statement that ‘no man,woman or event is worth ending it’. YES! There are times it is worth ending it {relationship etc}. As no man/woman should EVER suffer verbal/emotional/mental abuse. Period. And that is exactly what a Narcissistic Sociopath does~ ABUSE. I have a beautiful life now 😀


  4. Live and learn

    I still struggle with the lies and false promises my ex gave me, i belived in her exuses and lies until i had had enough and burt out, she stopped contacting me very slowly but kept giving me exuses until i found out she had already moved in with someone else and didn’t bother to tell me.


    • Tela

      Thank you for your comment. I understand your struggle with understanding how and why she gave so many false promises. When all you wanted to do was truly believe her. It’s painful as there is really never any closure as you look back at the relationship and think ‘why didn’t I see this red flag?’ Or ‘why would she lie to me about this or that’. And then to drive the knife deeper by moving in with someone. I’m sorry you have had to endure all of this, and hope you are able to heal and know, you could not have done anything different, the outcome would still be the same. ❤


    • Tela

      Thank you Clarissa for your comment. And yes, the only difference is names and faces. Other than that, they are all pretty much made up of nothingness



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