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Questions, Questions, Questions

Everyday I can look at my Stat report and in this report it also list ‘search terms’. This is how people, like you find my website. Below I will list some of the most common search terms {questions} with answers. Most of them I have already written post about and will link back to them underlined in blue. 

I hope some of these questions & answers will help give you clarity, and also to understand there are many, many, many people who are or were involved with a Narcissistic Sociopath and the damage done by them is life-long. You are not alone! There is no one word magic answer to help you. However, the more you educate yourself on Sociopaths, the more you start learning to accept you could never have changed them, or the outcome, the easier it will be to start healing.

Most common question is:

Female Sociopath Traits, Is my Wife a Sociopath, Is my Mother a Narcissistic Sociopath, Could my Girlfriend be a Sociopath”~ I wrote about that here

“How to get back at a Sociopath”~ there is no ‘getting back’ at a Sociopath. What you feel is Rejection A Sociopath never feels they are in the wrong. The entire breakdown of the relationship was caused by you in their minds. By wanting to ‘get back at the Sociopath’ has a reverse affect as you start to focus on that instead of healing.

“Pathological liar vs. Sociopath” ~ I laughed at this as ALL Sociopaths are pathological liars. Period. You can read the post here As we know, as soon as a Sociopath opens their mouths, the lies will come rolling out. 

“Narcissistic Ex Blocked Me~ No contact Rule with Ex~ Sociopath No Contact”~ there are hundreds of these search terms like this used to find my site. I have written about NO CONTACT hereThis is the number 1 most important step to begin healing! 

“Sociopath Revenge Fake Online Accounts ~ Sociopath Smear Campaign” ~ There is no length to which a Narcissistic Sociopath will go to, to ruin your reputation, character, family & friend bonds, relationship with children. The Sociopath has zero empathy where your concerned. And actually feels a sense of ‘pride’, ‘winning’ etc when they can destroy you. You can read more about what they do here  

“Revenge against female sociopath ~ how to get revenge on ex Sociopath wife”. There have been over 1000 search terms for Revenge against a female Sociopath. I strongly discourage revenge as what could be the best outcome? More hurt done? More emotional damage? Possibly physical harm? There is nothing successful about revenge. I wrote about that here.  I get that you are mad, pissed off, angry, & hurt. But Revenge is not the way to go.

“I’m in a fucked up relationship” ~ Yeah! If you were/are with a Sociopath I’m sure is was really fucked up. I wrote about that here. There are so many levels of ‘fucked up’ with a Sociopath that one article does not really cover it. 

“Dumped by a Sociopath ~ Sociopath Left Me ~ Why did my ex Break up and won’t return text or calls, How could my ex just walk away and hook up with someone new” ~ This is called Discard! And it hurts like hell! A Sociopath does not go into a relationship for the long term, happily ever after. You could have been with your ex for months or years. But if you look back, you will see all the red flags, all the scenarios & situations that all come back to Sociopath. I wrote about how to deal with Discard here. 

“Gaslighting, Sociopath Gaslighting, Girlfriend/Boyfriend is moving to fast in relationship” ~ In the beginning of your relationship with the most perfect person you ever met, the Sociopath does the Gaslighting for a reason……you can read about that here.

My boyfriend/girlfriend is very private about their cell phones. Why does the Sociopath disappear”? ~ In most cases a Sociopath lives a dual life. You are not & will not be privy to their ‘social life’ or whereabouts, however they make sure to know all about you. I wrote about Sociopaths and Privacy here This is another hard thing to accept when involved with a Sociopath.

I could use up hundreds of pages of web space with search terms used to find my site. These listed above come up most often. Read through the archived post to help you understand what has or is happening in your life and what YOU can do to move forward, leave the toxic relationship and begin to heal.

And read this over and over:

Know Thy Narcissist

1.  Hell hath no fury like that of a narcissist.

2.  Whatever you know to be right, the narcissist will scream from the highest mountain you are wrong.

3.  Don’t ask the narcissist their age, no matter what they tell you, their true age is 2 – the year known for temper tantrums.

4.  Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever tell anything to a narcissist in confidence because they’ll tell everyone they know.

5.  If you enjoy being lied to all the time then make a narcissist your best friend.

6.  If you want to see a narcissist go into a tailspin, tell them a truth about themselves.

7.  Compliment the narcissist, even if you have to lie your rear end off.

8.  To kill two birds with one stone, tell a narcissist your enemy is spreading rumors about them.

9.  Don’t suggest therapy or a self-help group to a narcissist, they are already perfect and know everything.

10. If you want to keep all of your belongings and money, don’t let a narcissist in your home – ever!

11. If you loan anything to a narcissist, it was theirs anyway.

12. If you do anything for a narcissist, they are doing you a favor.

13. A narcissist is like the Pope, everyone in their presence is blessed.

14. If you give a narcissist a dollar, you’ll owe them two.

15. If a narcissist gives you a gift, be sure to get a receipt.

16. If you don’t like a narcissist, it’s no big deal because they didn’t like you first.

17. Narcissists are like teenagers, they stay bored their entire life.

18. A Freudian Slip to a narcissist is the truth.

19. What goes in one ear of a narcissist, never went in there to start out with.

20. If all else fails – tell the narcissist you have a deadly, infectious, and incurable disease which is known to be airborne.  It’s called speaking the truth.


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