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April Search Terms

Here are the Search Terms used in the month of April to find my site. I will post these exactly as they were entered, and then my comment in italics next to it.

  •  why self blame after a split from socipath? *note the misspell on sociopath.* it is completely normal to blame yourself after the split~you have been emotional & mentally violated and probably accused of the failed relationship. I wrote about female sociopaths here
  • female narcissist sociopath ~ over 100+ searches for this. I wrote a post about female sociopaths here
  • lying sociopath ex wife ~ pretty self explanatory. She probably not only lies, cheats, verbal & mental/emotional abusive, manipulative and so on
  • how to blog about my sociopath relationship? ~ just get your words out! 
  • sociopath ends relationship but send flowers and text messages ~ oh yes, the continually pushing and pulling of a sociopath. You must put in place the no contact
  • pyscopaths who abandon there own children  ~*note misspell on psychopath*, yes they do abandon their spouse, children, family. 
  • how to deal with a psychopaths smearing me ~ each smear campaign is different, yet it yields the same results. I wrote about what to do here
  • narcissist psychopath smear campaign tactics bullshit ~ I laughed to myself when I read this one! Yep! It is nothing but bullshit!
  • relationship ended abrutly, no reason, no contacr ~*note misspellsanother common factor that happens when involved with a person with Anti-Social Personality Disorder, this is the discard stage, you can read about that in this post 
  • psychopath narcissist trying to hack my facebook© acct. ~ they will hack your facebook©, twitter, instagram©, bank accounts. Any & everything they can. I did a post about that here
  • dealing with a sociopath humourously ~ I do not know of any way to deal with a sociopath with humor! What they do is a methodical assault to your entire character.
  • psychpath aroused at upsetting you ~*note misspell on psychopath* aroused! control! manipulation! yes, that does happen.
  • sociopath narcissist anger ~ one of the most prevalent traits with a narcissistic sociopath is the ‘anger’, rage that happens. Hell hath no furry like that of a narcissist and most anything can set them into this, especially when you tell them the truth about themselves. 
  • friends who disconnected from you after break up with sociopath narcissist ~your sociopath probably created the alienation from your friends & family. You wake up & realize one day how small your world has become. They do this to keep tight control over you. You are simply and Object Of Desire. You can read about that here.  I will have a post on how to reconnect with family & friends after a break up.
  • how to manipulate a man into false sense of security ~ wow! A person actually searching on how to manipulate a man! Sad!!

These are just a small list of numerous search terms that were used. There are some that relate to the same topic i.e. female sociopath, narcissist rage, smear campaign and so on. I hope that by finding my site you are able to find some answers to your question(s), or an idea of what type of person you are dealing with.



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