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Revenge Or Karma

So many people want ‘Revenge’ against the Sociopath. I wrote an article about that, you can read it HERE. The below was written by AlohaLover, who has traveled the path of healing for almost 2 years. When she first reached out to me, her life was a complete disaster. Mentally/emotionally and financially! I know she did not believe me when I would tell her “you will get out of this, I promise”….and she had her backslide moments, questioning herself. All the things a person does after being involved with a Sociopath. Please, reach out~ YOU have the choice now whether to continue to hold onto the ‘baggage’ or drop it off somewhere and focus on YOU!

I love this site. It, along with T has helped me heal. T always said “you’ll get there”and I never thought I would….never. I had very dark days and this site, Tela and my 3 dogs made me get up everyday. And now 2 years later I came into 2016 without all of my hurt and all of my hate. Oh I still hurt and while I’m not broken and shattered, I more chipped and a lot more aware.
I just decided NOT to start a new year with bitterness and baggage and when I decided that, it was like a weight was lifted….I gave it away and it felt good.

Like most of you out there I wanted revenge and waited and waited for Karma that never took place….or maybe it did.
Don’t get me wrong, part of me would like to see him as road kill and the way he drives, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened.

What came first the chicken or the egg? What came first Revenge or Karma?
I’m thinking they are dual soldiers in time. I think they work in harmony but in their own time.

I’m watching Revenge and Karma attack him….here’s why.

He was handsome. Dark hair, blue eyes, dimples….he looked like Blake Shelton. People told him that and he ate it up. I recently saw a picture of him and laughed. His hair is more gray than I dark, his eyes have a hollow dead look, wrinkles and he is as far from Blake as he could be. I don’t know if he see’s it but my friend who has seen him says he looks awful. Revenge or Karma?

He is in management for a very large company getting paid way too much to be be on his laptop looking for hookers. For 2 years we would have to attend charity events that meant nothing to me but to him it was see and be seen. Watching him work the room made me sick. But that was the way to get promoted or so he thought. Well, I am happy to say he has been passed up for several promotions. He has been in the same position for 8 years. No one at that company stays in the same position for longer than 3 at the most. Staying in a dead end job that he hates but pays well.
Revenge or Karma?

To me, revenge has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s almost like Karma. I feel that Revenge and Karma collide when the time is right. We don’t have control over the when…that’s for a larger power to decide. But it will happen. And if you’re in that dark place, claw your way out and watch Revenge and Karma hit.
It’s so much fun.

What came first Revenge or Karma?

Stay strong it will get better.




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