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Sociopath Encounter

Oh the honeymoon phase with the Sociopath❤️. All the right words said, the stroking of your ego, the crazy euphoric sex, the ‘how did I get so lucky meeting someone so wonderful?’, the craving to see each other. Numerous texts and phone calls, words of love & happily-ever-after. Life could not be anymore beautiful.

Then…….the mask slips……. crazy is taking over!  Those words you used to hear, are now words of hate, disgust, & control. Sex?? Becoming more detached, not as euphoric. All of the Sociopaths love bombing was just that- A bomb about to explode! Nothing but lies are said now. Anger is most prevalent. Then the Sociopath will start the mind fucking with the silent treatment or doing the disappearing act. Everything that was so RIGHT about the Sociopath is now so WRONG.
The break up (discard) has happened. Your entire world is dark! Your whole being just went through a Tsunami Shit Storm. So why do you want them to call? Why are you missing them so much? Are they even thinking of ‘me’. Your head is spinning! You have no contact in place. Progress!!!
Not so fast!!! Whatever amount of days/weeks/months goes by, and you have remained no contact either you or the Sociopath initiates communication. You have had time to think EXACTLY what you would say at this moment! All the hurt, excruciating  pain, the tears cried & now is the moment to tell them of the HELL you have and/or are in. But……you can’t! You have your ‘fix’, you have either seen the Ex or spoken on the phone, and the hope is alive! A word can be said, or a memory brought up, & in that instant your on a battle ground. Your head is telling (screaming at you), don’t listen to their convoluted bullshit, yet your heart aches just to be held by them. You have become educated on what type of person they are: A Sociopath, yet, your head & heart are on two different battle fields. So what to do:
First and foremost ask yourself this question: What will be the outcome of the encounter with the Sociopath, and then, what REALLY will be the outcome? Same lies bullshit words of how much they love you. Same lies words of how everything was your fault. Understand, the Sociopath works in Copy/Paste ModeWhat they say to you, they have said and will say to countless other’s. How many times do you want to be burned by the same fire??? The ONLY way to heal and move forward is to NOT encounter the Sociopath. I cannot stress enough how important no contact is. I also know how difficult that is because of the ‘addiction’ to them. If you happen to cross path’s with them, treat them with an air of boredom, indifference etc. By playing into their crazy train gives them what they are seeking: Power & Control over your words/actions & thoughts. Even though you want to say so much & cry to them how much they have destroyed your life, your world etc. Those words fall on deaf ears. Because once they are out of your site, it’s back to Copy/Past Mode with their next supply source. And trust me, you are not their first, nor will you be the last person they destroy. They simply have nothing inside of them to destroy.
I have counselled people who have been a victim of a Sociopath from their 20’s all the way up into their 70’s. One constant is: The Sociopath will never,ever, EVER change. They will not wake up one day magically a different person. They may tell you they have ‘finally found someone they love who is their next victim’. Trust me, they are not laying awake at night thinking of you, or missing you. Yes! That hurts, but that is the cold reality of what a Sociopath is, an empty, soulless, lying individual. Walking on eggshells is easy. Tiptoeing around crazy…..now that takes talent. Don’t do anymore tiptoeing. Do not fool yourself into thinking you change the Sociopath, because you simply cannot.
close the door to your past, open the door to your future. Take a deep breath and step through to a new life.               unknown.

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