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And……Back Again

I have only written 2 articles about my own personal experience with a Sociopath, as I have this site to help other’s. This site is not about me, this is about you, looking for answers to the many questions you have. Or looking for validation that it really is/was not you that caused the breakdown in the relationship. Or other post that may have brought some clarity as to what kind of person you have/are dealing with. So this site is for all of you.

Today, I am going to write about me and what has been happening over the last couple of weeks. I will not use the term ‘my’ ex-Sociopath as I want no attachment to him. Instead I will use his first name. And he is about the most vile/evil of Sociopaths you can imagine. Greg & I broke up August 2013. If you read the A Face To This Blog then you know a little about my background. After the first couple of months of dating Greg, I knew, this person was not the one for me. All the signs, personality traits, characteristics of a Narcissistic Sociopath, he exhibited!! So I told him to his face “I don’t want to see you anymore this is not going to work”. That was not what Greg wanted, and in his words he said to me…. “you think you can walk away after breaking my heart and you not hurt for what you did to me? Your wrong”.  Well, if you have read some of my post about, and especially Scandal & Deceit you will see the lengths he went to, to ‘ruin’ me, and then me having to hire an attorney. To say it got ugly is an understatement. It was downright horrific/vile/nasty what he was saying about me to any and everyone who would listen to his delusional lies.  Ok fair enough, life goes on.

So 2 weeks ago, Greg decided I was back on his radar. I have had him blocked on my phone, blocked on my social media accounts, and my friend Jonathan showed me how to do a bounce back email. Greg obviously could not get through to me, so he had his ‘minions’ ie: straight up prostitutes, call girls, escorts, or whatever the correct term for those kind of women, whores are called, contact me. It started with phone calls, then came the most nasty vile text messages once again “BLAMING ME FOR HIS PITIFUL BROKEN HEART” {insert pure sarcasm and disgust}. One woman, whore text me this yesterday….. quote “all you have done is lie to Greg. I truly feel sorry for you and your ignorance when it comes to relationships and I pray u {sic} turn from your manipulative ways, & that God save your soul.” unquote. WOW!!!! was all I could think. I literally read that text twice and then laughed to myself. I was angry because here these total strangers are believing the spoon fed bullshit coming out of his mouth about a woman they have never even met. Then I told myself “stop the anger, what do you expect, he is a sick, twisted screwed up mother fucker”. Yes, those are the words I said to myself. Then for about….10 minutes I wanted revenge {in the form of getting him arrested for solicitation of prostitution, and the reason I know that is, the numbers his women, whores were calling/texting me from all come back to Escort Services/Prostitutes {it’s good to have friends that can access any and everything by simply a phone number}. So last night was the last night I was going to let his darkness over take my brightness. Yes, it hurt me that he still wants to mind-fuck me. However, because he is not able to {I have the control}, he has gone to a different ‘attack method’. So be it, today I’m happy, I am free, I know love and I feel love. Something Greg never will. He will continue to collect his whores/prostitutes and ‘army’ of disgusting women to validate that “I broke his heart and I am a liar, manipulator”. Well…if he needs to continue living in that delusional land, good for him. All I have to say is Hasta La Vista, Baby 

No scoundrel is so stupid as to not find a reason for his vile conduct. shakti gawain



4 Responses to “And……Back Again”

  1. monica

    I am sure you understand the very fact why am here! Trying to heal myself. However while reading this particular piece, I have objection with the term whore that you used against the other women. In my point of view, those other women, whoever they are, whatever they are still may not be called or given names. We do not know why they are w****s. If they chose to be physically involved with five men and those men are aware of her/their sexual preference, we cannot judge. I would request you to interchange the term with “other-women” or anything suitable.
    On the positive side, I am extremely thankful to find you finally after about one and half week of reading, listening on the disorder. You have really shown a proper path to discover, deal and heal. I am still in the process and drawing strength from your advices.


    • Tela

      Thank you Monica for your comment. Considering this post was purely from my own personal experience, and the word ‘whore’ is the chosen term I have for those…….
      I apologize if that term offends you. With that said, there is no other word or name that would be ‘suitable’ given that horrendous/horrific event in my life.
      I wish you the best in your journey of healing.


  2. notme2014

    Verbatim….I was going to “pay” for breaking “His Heart”. I was not going to get off that easy….He poured his heart out to me and I stomped it..(I believe I said something like that to him earlier). He destroyed my marriage, cost me thousands of dollars, and threw me away like trash….and I broke his heart???? There is no way I could have done that—he has none…. Light and Love



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