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When No Means Maybe

You do have the right to say ‘NO’. I’m sure there have been multiple times where you were bullied into not having a choice, or given an option. Your Sociopath is/was always right and they had a way to make you go along with the subtle manipulation. Start practicing saying ‘No’.

You have realized it is time to put into place No Contact. You either tell your Sociopath, send a text or email explaining your decision. However, like most anything you have said to them, it does not apply.This is when No Means Maybe, or Not Right Now, or even Not Until They are ready to be done. You have most likely tried the No Contact only to have multiple calls, text and/or emails from your Sociopath. And each time you receive one of these it breaks your defenses down that much more, and you find yourself right back in their arms. And this is when the ‘no means maybe’ comes into play. A Sociopath is skilled at the right words to say to get what they want. In their minds, the No Contact has nothing to do with them.

Another scenario could be you are wanting out of the relationship. You have come to realize this person you are with is completely destroying your sense of peace, your emotional and/or financial stability. Your character has been assassinated over and over by them. So you put boundaries in place that you both need to follow. This may include visitation with children, or establishing your home is off limits {if they have moved out}. Also, they are to no longer drop by your place of employment. Be mindful, the Sociopath does not feel boundaries are in place for them. Their thought process only follows one direction~it’s all about them and what they need/want. Boundaries are a game to them, and one they will manipulate to their benefit. So unless you are ready to stick with your boundaries, and No Means NO, the Sociopath will win the ‘game’ of boundaries.

And classic Sociopath trait: lies, lies, deception, manipulation and more lies. With all of those traits {and more}, no simply needs to mean NO! No more lies, no more deception, no more manipulation. You can be, and must be stronger than the sick twisted person you are dealing with! The Sociopath is an illusion! Illusion you say, this is a living, breathing person. Yes, of course they are, but they are also an illusion of who THEY think they are!! And your a part of their fan club! Cancel the membership and get out. Before you came into their life, all they have done is manipulate and destroy other’s. And they will continue to do so long after your out of their’s. Or your No will always mean ‘Maybe’.

“It takes effort to say no when our heart and brains and guts and, most important, pride are yearning to say yes. Practice.”


2 Responses to “When No Means Maybe”

  1. relieveditsover

    Oh gosh! This is so relevant for me! I’ve tried no contact so many times that he just laughs at me and says “you’ll come back.. They always do” it infuriates me! Firstly that I’ve allowed this and secondly that he groups me in with every other stupid women than runs back to him. I HAVE to mean it this time


    • Tela

      Yes! You do have to mean it. Silence shows more than if you are to engage in his sick twisted world! I know it’s very difficult not being sucked back in to crazy. But no matter what you say RelievedItsOver, he will never understand you, he will never, ever give you any credit for actually have a mind & using it. And he damn sure will never acknowledge that you do, in fact, have real feelings & emotions. Everything he is void of!!



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