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Time To Run

At what point is enough, enough when your involved with a Narcissistic Sociopath?

You are completely and utterly an emotional disaster. Your life is ‘ruined’. Friends and family may tell you ‘just leave’, or ‘what’s the big deal get over it’. Ahhhh, if only so easy. I have said it numerous times, that unless a person has been involved with a Sociopath, they have no idea of the abuse you have endured. From the silent treatmentto mental and emotional abuse, some even physical abuse. And always the Smear Campaign

Some Narcissistic Sociopaths  have to make themselves feel bigger by convincing themselves others are smaller by comparison. They’re no strangers to being condescending, snobby, clique-ish, elitist and superior; however, they are very good at hiding their disdain. Narcissistic Sociopaths with money look down on the working class. Sociopaths in the working class look down on those with more money. Educated Sociopaths dismiss the opinions of those who have no degree. Sociopaths with no degree claim educated people don’t actually know anything. Whatever Sociopaths HAVE (or think they have) is what they use to look down on others WITH. No-one else’s background, appearance, values, political persuasion, school, preferences, religion, way of life, profession or opinions are ever any good or worthy of their respect unless they themselves value and/or possess the same {which is very, very rare}. If you think or choose differently from a Sociopath, you’re “wrong”, and they’re “right”.

If you dare to question a Sociopath or request things like healthy boundaries and honesty, you’re going to become public enemy number one. The “Mr. or Ms. Wonderful” mask immediately comes off, and there is no level they will not stoop to in order to “punish” you. They have myriad ways of attempting this; some are covert, and some are open and obvious. The Sociopath has a seemingly inexhaustible obsession for making people who cross them “pay”. And here is where the confusion comes into play; ‘what did I do to deserve this? What did I do to deserve the way they are treating me’…… Once they set their sights on you, you’re a permanent enemy, and their seething spite will feel as intense years down the road as it did when it first began. The length of time they can keep up the full intensity of their hatred for you and their campaign to exact revenge is absolutely dumbfounding to non-narcissistic Sociopath people.

So how do you ‘run’? How do you go from the Love Bombing to running for your life? Look at the catastrophic effect this person has had on your life!  What did the Sociopath do for you that it anyway inconvenienced them? Do you really see them as ‘changing’ when you hear the ‘I’m sorry’, or ‘let’s try again, I miss you” or the thousands of lies said to draw you back in.  Start paying attention to YOUR own life.  It is empowering, when you realize and accept, that nothing, absolutely nothing you say/do/give/take will change the Sociopath. Give them the silent treatment. That mean’s NO CONTACT! PERIODTake control. Take your life back. Stop worrying about what they are doing, and who they are doing it with. You cannot stop them! You cannot change them, and what does that bring to your life? More hurt, more anger, more disappointment, more (________) fill in the blank.

grace given when it feels least deserved is the only antidote for bitterness


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