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The Gift Of Goodbye

How can the end of an extremely toxic relationship with a Sociopath, be, The Gift of Goodbye?

You may think the relationship was, the ‘gift of a forever relationship, a ‘gift of eternal love’, a ‘gift of someone who loved me for me’. Looking back, how wrong all those thoughts were.

So many of you are struggling with the discardand having an even more difficulty with the Smear Campaign. These experiences you are going through, will be, one of the worst ever in your life. Ever! All the thought’s going through your mind; what did I do to deserve this? How can they be so vile, so viscous? Why all the lies? Why can’t I seem to let them go? Why do I continue to take them back, even though I know they haven’t changed?

This is where The Gift of Goodbye needs to come into your mind. Yes, a Goodbye can be a Gift. A Gift of Peace! A Gift of your self-esteem back. And Gift of Freedom from the continual lies/manipulation, verbal abuse. A Gift from having to make so many concessions just to please the Sociopath. A Gift from the daily heartbreak, depression, anxiety. So many things taken from you like a thief that Sociopath’s are.

Now you are going to Gift yourself with positive emotions. All of the feelings of uselessness, the horrific lies that you were made to feel are now gone. Gone with The Gift of Goodbye. Give the words of lies/deceit/manipulation/disgust back. Not in the literal sense, but in the mental sense. If you are No Contact, stick with it! Please, please do not break No Contact. Gift the Sociopath with their filth they left at your doorstep.

When you are able to realize, that the Gift of Goodbye is truly one of the most precious gifts ever given to yourself, you will see with more clarity just how much the Sociopath destroyed you. Your first instinct after the breakup is to fight. Fight or flight. I have a very good friend who is 2 year’s post Sociopath toxic hell. He, along with his flying monkey’s have sunk to an all time low by posting on Pintrest/Google false statements about her. Using her real name. Of course her first instinct is to ‘fight’ them. This is what I told her ‘what actually are you going to fight? A person(s) with zero ability to understand that what they are saying and doing is causing tremendous emotional distress, even potentially harming a future employer. A Sociopath could care less about that. Their only, one and only goal {if you want to call it a goal} is to literally destroy anyone they can”.

Therefore, it is imperative to start looking at the end of your relationship as The Gift of Goodbye.


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