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“I’ve watched you suffer, a dull aching pain

and now you’ve decided to show me the same”…..

Narcissist and Sociopaths suffer this dull aching pain not in the physical sense, but in the mental sense. And on some very rare occasions even in the emotional sense.

When you are in a relationship with one, you suffer not only the mental and emotional pain, but also a dull aching physical pain as well. Because the daily stress of dealing with a hallow soled individual is so draining it can cause not only mental/emotional pain, but physical illness’s start to happen. The mental & emotional manipulation done by the narcissist sociopath leaves no room for positive thoughts and no room for healing.

It is easy to ready words, and self-help books. You have listened to your friends & family. You have searched the internet, you may have reached out to your clergy and/or abuse programs, but you are still suffering. Even away from your abuser, you are hurting terribly inside, you are missing them immensely, questioning {maybe for the 100th time} if you made the right decision in leaving. Abuse is abuse is abuse! So if you have left, then YES! Without a doubt you made the correct decision. Sticking with that decision is going to require a true strength that you may not even know you have! But you do! It is in there 🙂 , just dig deep!

There has to come a time when you say “enough is enough, I was not born to be someone’s verbal and/or physical punching bag”. “I was not born to be someone’s victim because of their Personality Disorder/Mental Illness”.  Breaking that abusive bond is extremely difficult, at best! But it has to be done, and only you, and you alone can break it. This will be a true testament to the strength you DO have, and there will come a day when you finally no longer feel that dull aching pain. Take baby steps, one day at a time. You want the hurt and the tears, the sadness to all stop now. But until you stop the abuse, until you stop the consuming thoughts, the hurt/tears and sadness will remain.

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse .     jim rohn


6 Responses to “Suffering”

  1. karenthom2014

    Hi, I’ve left the sociopath two years this month, and I still at times question my decision. Stupidly, as if that man didn’t make a fool of me, as if he did not have full blown relationships skilfully under my nose, and so on. Yes it takes a lot of self control, especially on those lonely nights, well I would rather lonely night than to be lied to, raped then discarded for a week or so the it starts again regular as clock work it’s enough to drive you straight to the mad house, do I want that NO way. So it’s best I write up my blog and reply to post as I concerns me. But I will never call him or text him ever again as peace and quite is good right now for me.


    • Tela

      Karen, the questioning yourself at times is completely normal. You wanted so much to believe that he had changed. That is why it is so hard for people to leave the toxic relationship with a Sociopath. Because they spew such believable lies out of their mouths, and can change their actions for a few days/weeks, you think to yourself ‘finally they have changed! Finally they realized what they have done to me”. But as you know, those lies and short lived actions are just another part of their Sociopath dimension. There is no core to them, there is absolutely NO WAY to reason with them, and you damn sure cannot point out any faults of theirs as it is always turned back on YOU are the one with the issues, the liar, the cheater etc etc etc. Congratulations on the 2 years. I follow your blog, I have read your path to healing, and I am so proud of you!!!!!!! ❤


      • karenthom2014

        Thank you Tela, no two days are the same. I really thought I was going mad until I reached out on line. I’m not ashamed as I now know it was not my fault. I’m not mad at all. I have come a long way, thank you for following me, at times it may get gritty, please bear with me as I just want to get things off my chest, it’s a true healer disclosing to people who understand and been through the same, just to touch base from time to time is refreshing for me, I’m about to add more post, thanks for following me Tela.


      • karenthom2014

        Tela, hello I hope you are well. I went back and it’s worse than ever. I’m I. A nasty trance at the moment and feel that I should get it out!! I have now stopped eating due to his nasty disputes and threatening behaviour, I’m now asking myself why why why why me!!! I can’t take anymore dysfunctional issues, I’m financially low, and he is asking for more, where am I, it feels like hell. I am currently studying counselling wanting a way and a answer as to why u am back here. It’s sad, I feel so ashamed, I have been caught and I’m scared. I know how to get out and I won’t do if through fear, I may need someone to help me, the fear of asking is petrifying to me. I know I can do this, I’m strong, but this is wrong.!!


  2. tia

    Why is it no matter how much it hurts, when he shows up I forget about the past, and all the abuse and pain that he brought to me? Why can’t I remember the way he betrayed, lied, cheated, hurt etc etc, and act on it, and stop expecting something different from him? What is wrong with me?


    • Tela

      Tia, there is nothing wrong with you! The reason you forget about all the hurt he has done when you see him is because at that moment you are getting your ‘fix’ of him. That is the trauma bond that is in place. When you finally get your head & heart on the same page, and ask yourself this: how long will I continue to allow him to use me simply for his own personal gain, will I stop it. He doesn’t, won’t & cannot give you unconditional love, respect or a future. You, in your mind think you can change him…..you can’t! So unless you finally decide you have had enough of him screwing you over and mentally mind-fucking you, you will continue to ask ‘what is wrong with me’. You loved him. Plain & simple. It’s also plain & simple that he will neverlove you! EVER!

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