A Healing & Informative Site About Narcissistic Sociopaths

Sociopath Darkness

When we are involved with a Sociopath our bright world turns into darkness. All the joy, happiness, contentment we once felt is now gone. How does this happen? Why does this happen?

Sociopaths draw their life blood from innocent people. When you met, they were the most amazing  person. Everything about them was perfect. Everything about the two of you was perfect. How did you not see that there was/is something truly wrong with them?

As I have said in previous posts, the Sociopath moves the relationship quickly, so as to keep you feeling that sense of euphoria. But what is happening is they are creating a silent Trauma Bond . Why do they do this? Because you are what they are needing at the time…..and nothing more. This is what feeds them, that control over your happiness, sadness, mental breaking, giving them the sense of superiority over you. It’s a sick Head FuckeryBut to the Sociopath they don’t think they are doing anything wrong. This is their inability to bond, to actually know what love feels like. And yet, you find yourself unable to break your bond with them. 

I have said countless times No Contact  is the only way to healing. And yes, you will break that many times. The Sociopath is so skilled at obtaining what they want. So if you have been away, and the Sociopath contacts you directly or indirectly, you find yourself back in their hell. I’m not going to say ‘it’s ok’, but I do understand. Sometimes it takes many, many, many times of breaking the no contact before you finally realize the Sociopath will never, ever change. Ever! I know you want to believe the hearts & flower words they will say after the break-up. But that is just more head fuckery, just another avenue to get from you what they want. Other’s will contact you just to have the Last WordBut nobody says you have to listen. No one says you have to take on their cruel, viscous, hurtful, hateful words. You honesty do have the strength and control over yourself. Yes, you feel like you have to constantly defend your words or actions to them. Why? Who are they to question what you say and do? How many years did you live before you met them? Happy, content years??? Ask yourself that? Then tell yourself you can and will live more years without them. 


“Don’t be afraid of your dark places. If you can shine a light on them, you can find treasure in there.”      jennette walls


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