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Smear Campaign



A Smear Campaign is the epitome of a sociopath caring about absolutely nothing!
When the smear campaign begins with a Narcissistic Sociopath, it is an intentional, premeditated effort to discredit our reputation ,character and quite simply, our total being.  This premeditation is done in the same way a criminal puts into motion his act of crime. With a smear campaign, the Sociopath strategically starts recalling all the things you have ever shared with them regarding your own personal experiences (ie: triumphs/failures), any and all things shared about people closest to you, or anyone you had a relationship with prior to them. They then take this information and set out to destroy you emotionally and mentally and sometimes financially. If you have children with a Sociopath, they will also use the children to try and destroy you.

They do this for fear! Fear of being found out for what they truly are, cardboard, empty, vile, viscous individuals. They also do this also as revenge.  The more they are exposed, the less likely to find additional sources of their supply.  And by supply, I mean, whatever they need from an individual for their own personal gain~and nothing more. Exposing them, and limiting their supply source  places them in unfamiliar territory! They have a grandiose thought process, whereas, they will never believe ultimately there are consequences to their actions and/or verbal warfare., and therefore they think they have an endless supply of their ‘needs’. By placing them in this fear of exposure, this is where we see the darkest side of a sociopath. The hollow, soulless individual they actually are. A Narcissistic Sociopath are the master’s of ruination~ and they will do whatever they think necessary to protect their (clouded/distorted) image they have of themselves.

Some of  the more common  tactics a sociopath uses for his smear campaign are:

  • contacting your friends and family-using an inflated excuse as to why they are contacting them (usually another elaborate lie they concocted).
  • social media- any and every social site you may be on and they have access to, they will use to the furthest degree of ruination
  • email-again, if they had access to your contacts be assured they have the list and will send out the most vile emails about you, and discredit you.
  • co-workers-they will take anything you may have said about your career and twist that into lies, lies and more lies.
  • mutual friends-they will use the mutual friends for more ‘supply’. By discrediting you, the Sociopath believes that your mutual friends will swallow every word they say and take that as truth.
  • Targeting a new love interest in your life. Feeding them spoonfuls of Poison  trying to discredit you as a partner.

There is no easy way through the smear campaign. You will even begin to question your own sanity! And this is exactly what the Sociopath wants you to do. During this stage of smear, you will want to ask the Sociopath ‘why are you doing this’, ‘why are you saying these lies about me’. You will continually be on the defensive , but this has no bearing on them. If anything, your questions will just be the fuel they need to continue this emotional assault.  This is the most damaging of stages with a Sociopath. You think the devalue stage is the worst…..and no doubt, it is also very emotionally and/or mentally destructive. The devalue stage is geared specifically toward you, the individual. During the smear campaign , this is not only geared toward you, but also geared to destroy whatever relationships you have with other individuals and/also your career. Remember, the Smear Campaign is for total ruination! Tips for surviving this (because it is {or will be survival  if you haven’t gone through it yet}. These tips are to stop the Sociopaths supply source of your ruination.

  • delete or remove any social websites you have!
  • change your passwords to emails/bank accounts etc.
  • at this point~your family and closest friends will have to be told what is happening. Like a lot of us, we don’t want to always share very personal things, but they need to be made aware of what is happening at this stage, prepare them for the ‘battle’
  • do not say anything negative about the Sociopath to your children! They are already in a state of chaos and confusion. Do not add to it with more negative.
  • reach out for support!! Be it the same family and/or friends the Sociopath is targeting with your smear campaign. Or research how to deal with this stage! It’s very important you remember~you are not what the Sociopath is making you out to be!!
  • stop supplying the Sociopath with anymore ‘ammunition’. they will try and suck you back in, and will use once more, anything you say to ruin you.
  • Remember~you are NOT ALONE! There are many, many victims/survivors of this horrific abuse.

“I hope you see what you’ve done to me.”    matthew little, “hell in a basket”



74 Responses to “Smear Campaign”

  1. Caroline McKechnie

    Please listen to Labby Siffre’s inspiring song “Something Inside So Strong”. I heard this record when it was first released in the 1980’s and have used it as my “war cry” ever since. What I mean by “war cry” is – I will never surrender by committing suicide to someone or something lesser than myself. Suicide is not the answer, search for the strength within yourself, it is already there, take hold of the Mighty hand of God and never let it go, He will give you the victory if you don’t give into these enemies of LOVE.



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