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Flying Monkey’s

You have been searching the internet trying to figure out what the hell kind of person you have or are involved with. After reading for countless hours, you have determined that the person is a Narcissistic Sociopath. They have met the criteria LISTYou are a mental and emotional DISASTER.  You wonder why you did not see the RED FLAGSAnd how easily they are/were a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!!

So while reading about the piece of shit person that has ruined your life, you come across words such as: GASLIGHTING, EVIL, FEMALE SOCIOPATH, NO CONTACT etc. This article is going to be about the words Flying Monkey’s.

A Flying Monkey in a Sociopaths life is a person or persons who do their dirty work. Once the Sociopath has totally discredited you to any and everyone who would listen, as well as the Flying Monkey(s), that person/person(s) then reports back to the Sociopath what you are doing in your life. Sometimes by direct contact, other times indirect contact. For instance, the Sociopath can have a best friend (we all know they have no friends), who could be a mutual friend of yours. That person~ now a Flying Monkey will let the Sociopath know they have seen you or spoken to you, and given a full report on what is happening in your life. Fucked up? YES!! They may even act as thought they believe everything you are saying about the Sociopath. Do not be fooled. They have been brainwashed and under the SOCIOPATH POSIONA parent will also use the children as Flying Monkey’s and turn them against you.

Why do Sociopaths have Flying Monkey’s? Because they know once they DISCARDED you, and totally SMEARED your name/character, they still have to have that control over you, even if they have moved onto a new person!!!! So this is where the Flying Monkey’s are essential to the Sociopath, to let them know EVERYTHING that is going on with you. If the Sociopath knows you are an emotional wreck, that feeds them!!! If the Sociopath knows they have mentally & emotionally abused you so much that you cannot move forward~ HUGE win for the Sociopath. If you allow the Sociopath to contact you over and over, break up, make up, break up, make up etc. score another HUGE win for the Sociopath, and……..success for the Flying Monkey’s in their life. Even the children. If they come back and say ‘mommy or daddy (_________)’, win for the Sociopath.

flying monkey

Why does the Sociopath even care what you are doing once they have moved on? MOST DO NOT!!! The one’s that do, are because YOU are still feeding them, YOU are still allowing them to suck any happiness out. YOU are the one who cannot let go.

It is extremely imperative that you are aware of the Flying Monkey’s in the Sociopaths life. Be it family members, friends, co-workers, mutual friends etc. Be mindful of how you present yourself and what comes out of your mouth when dealing with the Flying Monkey’s, as it is certain everything is being reported back to the Sociopath. Which is therefore used as more ammunition against you. Be it emotional blackmail, parental alienation, financial hostage and so on.

getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. you have to let go at some point to move forward                   c.s. lewis



5 Responses to “Flying Monkey’s”

  1. AlohaLover

    Today is Valentine’s Day and while I don’t have a lover Valentine, I have the best friends ever! And I have my dogs who would never ever betray me. So, when you think your life sucks, remember you could still be with your sociopath.

    Which brings me to Flying Monkeys and Smear Campaigns. Today, I received a ‘read’ notice that the X read a Valentine that I had sent him. I have not spoken with him in almost 3 years, yet I have been attacked left and right. You see, the Sociopath is a very cunning MF-er. He will never allow his hands to get dirty but will manipulate his Flying Monkeys into doing his dirty work. Or do it himself and not say a word.
    When I read the notice today, I opened it to see what I had “sent” . If I wanted to send it, it would have been when he first discarded me, not now, and not to his work e-mail. So, I sent him an e-mail, telling him it wasn’t me and to ask his Flying Monkeys…actually I named them. One, the smartest of the 2 sent me a nasty e-mail back which I did not answer. And then I stopped and thought to myself, “why bother….when you are going head to head with a Sociopath, you will never win….NEVER WIN”. I know that but I thought after all this time, he would believe me and point the finger to someone else. Nope.

    The point I want to stress, especially to the newbies, when you are up against Flying Monkeys and Smear Campaigns (sounds like a Lady Gaga song), as hard as it will be, ignore it. You will never ever win. Outwardly, you will never win but in your heart and soul, you will know you are right. And that is where you will need to have peace. And remember, he / she will always….ALWAYS be a sick Sociopath but we will always have a heart and soul.
    Stay strong.


  2. karenthom2014

    Hi everyone. The term used is so painfully true. I met a flying monkey in a market that I use with my mother. As soon as he saw me he stared at me. I stared back saying nothing at all. He was the go for to the sociopath, and still is for all I know. Well, immediately he got on to his phone. His hand was firmly at his head. As he continued to look back at me. He was walking with another girl who stopped to use the cashpoint as we passed by she stopped and starred me out although she should have been looking at the machine. The thing that got me was the silence, nothing was said. She reminded me how I was. Stripped from humanity no fat, just a blank. The man was still on the phone, I could not get away fast enough as mother walks slow due to her age. Then this post comes through. It is so true. I have to stay strong, I smiled with my mum and said to myself I don’t care what he is saying about me, as I’m free, and I now love my self more than ever. Two years of total no contact in august. Roll on august I will have a glass of wine. As I don’t drink anymore along with other things that I have stopped recently, my eyes are opening slowly. I will get there! Thank you, this sort of abuse is sick, it never goes away, but you can manage and cope with it daily. I feel that I don’t want to go back to the market, and it’s in my mothers home town. I cannot let him win, I must keep fighting it even though so much time have passed. I have to stay strong!!!


    • Tela

      Thank you Karen for sharing this. It is eerie how the Flying Monkey’s work. And the Ex Sociopath definitely has filled his/{their} heads with all sorts of lies, delusions etc about you. You reacted the PERFECT way……acting as though you had zero effect from that man!!! Yes, was it hard? Of course as you start thinking “why is he doing this? What does he still want from me? Why can’t he let me go and let me heal?” And a thousand other questions. The Sociopath may have ‘stripped you from humanity’ whilst with him, but look how important you are!!! You are a vital part of this website by sharing your experience, by sharing the roller coaster of emotions, the sometimes daily struggle to ‘roll on’. Yes~ you are FREE, very FREE! ❤ ❤


      • karenthom2014

        Hi Tela. Thanks for your reply. This confirms that I am seeing this one. I also commented on breaking up, please have a look. Yes! It was hard to keep a straight face in the market that day. How I done it was to remember the depravity of the sociopath, starvation and darkness. Those words reminds me of where I was with him, I feel safe away from him, no more confusion and half way living. I am now able to walk with my head held high, and that I think is what shocks them when and if they see me. I know who they are. Tela you are so right. They will even pretend to be your friend. It’s sad because they may even let him know stuff through someone else. I follow my gut feelings to recognise his followers, and I’m very careful about what I say to anyone concerning him. My Moto today is “your not the star of my show, I am” it working for me today. Thanks for commenting Tela.😀😀😀


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