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Decision Time

In our everyday lives, we have to make decisions. What to wear to work, what to eat, decisions about the child/children, taking Vitamins and so on. All of these decisions are in the best interest of ourselves. So why is it you cannot make the decision to end the relationship with the Sociopath?

The first thing I want you to do is read THIS article. It talks about the RED FLAGS flying right in front of your eyes. So read that article, then come back to this one and finish reading. 

So after you read the Red Flags and could put a √ check mark to most all of them, things start to make a little more sense of the type of person you are involved with. Now, read THISYou will then for certain understand why you cannot make the decision about ending the relationship. Be it separation/divorce/break-up/parent-child etc.

You have read, and read, and read some more and your head is filled with chaos and confusion. You want to deny what you read and think “well, maybe the Sociopath has some of the traits but not all”. If you are searching the internet for answers to your dysfunctional/ mentally abusive, fucked up relationship, chances are, the person you are with is in fact a Sociopath. You can pray all you want for them to change, you can begged them to ‘listen’ to you, you can walk around the ever moving mine-field of their mental & emotional bombs, still hoping for them to change. You can endure their silent treatments. I will say this for the millionth time: A Sociopath will never, ever, EVER change. Period!

Okay, so now it’s decision time, in the best interest of yourself, your sanity, your peace! You have made the decision to leave. Here are a few things of what and what not to expect.

  • Do NOT think the Sociopath is going to be willing to rationalize why you are ending the relationship. 
  • Do expect the Sociopath to place all the blame on you!
  • Do NOT try and explain to the Sociopath how they have hurt you, how you know they have lied/cheated etc. That will have ZERO affect on them.
  • Do expect {in some, not all cases} for the Sociopath to try and reach you after the break-up. And profusely lie tell you they have ‘changed’. That in itself is just a huge lie
  • Do NOT allow the Sociopath to contact you via any avenue, this means telephone/text/email/flying monkey’s/ social media. PERIOD.
  • Do expect to see the Sociopath sail on to a new person victim in a short amount of time. That is how they work. Always moving forward, looking for that next person to feed their sick minds.
  • Do NOT take the blame for the failure of the relationship. You gave EVERYTHING, and the Sociopath took it, without giving back anything except mental & emotional HELL.  And maybe some ‘guilt gifts’, meaning any gifts given to you were out of guilt, not sincerity. 
  • Do expect a SMEAR CAMPAIGN! The Sociopath, of course, has to blame shift and discredit you, they do this by the smear campaign. Do not even try to defend yourself, it will only make it worse!
  • Do NOT carry shame, guilt, remorse! You did NOTHING wrong
  • Do expect to have feelings of hurt, anger, resentment, wishing them harm/karma to take place. 

At a certain point in your life, it does not matter if you are 30 or 70, or somewhere in between, you have got to take back your mental well being! It’s not about ‘starting over’, it is about saving yourself from a life spent in HELL. Yes, the ‘connection’, the ‘love’ the ‘whatever’ you have with the Sociopath is unlike any you have ever had in your life. Reason being?Because you have never encountered someone who could silently and methodically mentally and emotionally destroy you~ simply to sustain their own self. I know this is so difficult for all of you to comprehend. I truly know where you are! I also know, that it takes minute by minute working up to hour by hour, then day by day to eventually heal from these vile people. Once you stop trying to make excuses for them, once you absolutely accept with 100% certainty that NOTHING you can say or do will change them, then you can easily do the DECISION TIME!

“If you care about what people think about you, you will end up being their slave. Reject and pull your own rope.”                                        auliq ice


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