I love you Annie. You are so honest. You did so much to try to understand him. There is no understanding them. Idk if u still communicate with him but do yourself, your family, friends, co-workers and women like us in every country on the planet and think abt Annie. By continuing to think abt him & wonder why he did and said inappropriate, unfair and downright cruel, manipulative, degrading & hurtful things to you, you are continuing to let him have control over you. It gives him the power he craves. Dont fulfill his needs. I dont care what he says, he does not care one bit about you. You are one of many playing pieces in his fucked up game of Life. I love your list. Its awesome! I smiled with each thing you did on that list .. 2 cloths especially. People with these types of disorders .. psychopaths sociopaths narcs aspd borderlines whatever u wanna call them …they all intersect one another (theyre all very much the same with only subtle nuances separating them…theyre not like all the other ppl you know .. they have NO CONSCIENCE WHATSOEVER, THE DO NOT FEEL GUILT or REMORSE (REGRET) FOR ANYTHING THEY DO THAT HURTS YOU They’ll never apologize for their actions… no matter how bad … youre just a toy to him .. he uses you when he needs to .. hes doing the same to all the others .. hes DANGEROUS .. he’ll destroy your happiness take your innocence shatter your spirit and steal your smile … hes all that matters to him. Its all instant gratification at any cost..the best advice I could give you is ZERO CONTACT. Change your phone number. Never text him. Block him on email so that his emails go straight to the trash. Never read them. Move on. This was a learning experience. He has no empathy or sympathy. He isn’t capable of love. Hes an empty shell and you are not. ZERO CONTACT. its the only hope but you MUST stick with it no matter how terrible the lies he tells you to try to reel you back into his giant web of lies & deceit. Dont fall for it.