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Who Am I


Where did I go? Who is this person I have become? How did ONE person take ME away from myself?

This is what happens when we become involved with a sociopath, psychopath and/or narcissist. Unbeknownst to us our whole world is silently being stripped away by the devils hot embrace. They strip away our peace, our happiness,and at times our sanity to feed their sick minds!

Life as we knew it PRIOR to the socio will never be the same. We now have to learn to trust again. We have to learn to love again. We have to find peace of mind again. But first, we have to overcome the FEAR that was placed in us. This is not fear of something you see. This is FEAR placed in our minds by the sociopath to gain the control they had. Were you ever Threatened if you did not comply with their demands? Were you told you would loose something {or someone} if you continued to ‘act’ how you did? Were you afraid if you defended yourself {words and/or actions}, it would set the sociopath off into a narcissistic rage? Were you afraid of losing your Sociopath because you love(d) them so much and you know/knew they love(ed) you back if you just act right? Did you watch an innocent child’s life ruined by the evil mind of a sociopath/psychopath? Did you find yourself silently pleading with God, please stop this crazy shit from happening? How many FEARS did your sociopath, psychopath place in you?

All men and women who were with a Sociopath are left to wonder ‘what happened to me’, ‘what did I do to deserve this’. YOU did NOTHING! It was the UNLUCKIEST day of your life the moment you met them. Because we do not have a do-over button, we have to first recognize it IS NOT and WAS NOT something we did to deserve what happened. This is who we were, innocent people falling right into the blind trap set by the evil of a Narcissistic Sociopath.

Overcoming the fear is a constant daily struggle. Anything can set the fear foremost in our minds, something as a song, or opening up your email only to see one from your Ex, to being face to face with them {especially those of you with children or other circumstances}. Fear is laying in bed at night wondering ‘will I ever be ME again? Fear is, trusting no one! Fear is, will I ever have peace? Fear is, will I be able to love again? Fear is, will I live in fear the rest of my life?


15 Responses to “Who Am I”

  1. Nic

    In six years, he’s never used my name, not to me, or in front of me. ‘cultural difference’ I told myself.


  2. PNR


    I’m counting down the days till my Son is old enough that I no longer have to cross paths with him.


    • Tela

      Thank you PNR for your comment. How old is your son? What signs/traits of Anti-Social Personality Disorder does he exhibit?


      • PNR

        Hey Tela,

        So far my Son thankfully has none, it’s his father I do not wish to cross paths with. He’s a run of the mill Narcissist that just won’t give up.

        He’s not nearly as bad as some of the experiences I read online but he is still pretty awful.



  3. Jody

    Wow this is another post that reflects my feelings so much. For over a year I constantly felt like I had to walk on egg shells with this girl. She was such a hypocrite when it came to her behavior versus mine. She could outright ask me if I was fucking around on her but the moment I ask if she is communicating with another guy, because I had my suspicions, she would fly into a rage and act as if she was so offended that I even dreamed of accusing her of such filthy things. How dare I even think she could ever cheat on me!! She can’t believe I called her a slut!!! When of course I never would even say anything like that. If I Defended Myself during any argument she would break up with me and immediately call me abusive and controlling. I honestly could not have a constructive argument or disagreement with her without it becoming a break up or threatening to leave me if I didn’t act right and treat her with respect!!! Twice she threatened to punch me if I didn’t shut the fuck up. She never was in the wrong!!!! Our final break up ended with me asking her outright if she was seeing another guy on the side!! She was getting very distant and vague about anything she did. And I didn’t like who I had become!! I felt like the creep.


  4. John Bonham

    Maybe I missed your disclaimer that you are only trying to help women here because every article I read has “him” and “his” in it which means that only men are narcissistic sociopaths. I can tell you from first hand experience that my life has been devastated by her and hers.


    • Tela

      John- I am so very sorry to read about your own devastation! As I said I replied to your other comment, I do specifically write from a female perspective, however, I do know there are female sociopaths. Please, if you would like, share your ‘story’ for lack of a better word on my share page- even though both male & female cause this destruction, the REAL feelings & emotions involve hurt all the same for both genders! I hope some of my post allow you to realize, we are all humans, and we all bleed. And I also hope some of the post help you to see clearly, it was NOT you!


  5. jamesactor

    Thank you my dear, I don’t know how you found me but I wish you only happiness. Talk to me anytime you wish. I am sorry for what you have had to endure.James of Buffalo, NY



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