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Sociopath Addiction

When you read the word addiction your first thought is probably, addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, tobacco etc. The addiction I’m going to talk about in this article is what you have to the Sociopath.
Most all Sociopaths have an addiction to one of the above, and is usually always hidden from you when you met them. They do this because they are portraying themselves to be the most perfect person you have ever met!!!! Not until the mask slips, not until their true, evil personality comes out, not until you find yourself walking on a constantly moving mine-field of their bombs do you see their addictions. And once you have been spoon fed the POISON you, now have an addiction to them.
You cannot seem to let go. You want to call them, you check their Facebook or WhatsApp/Snapchat or any other social media account. Your addicted to wanting to know their every move. Who they are with, what are they doing. Your addicted to consuming thoughts of ‘are they thinking of me? Do they even miss me?” Here is your cold harsh reality check~ No they are not, and no they do not!!. Period. You are addicted to the euphoric feelings you had when you were with them, your addicted to the fun/exciting times you had together. Your addicted to the happiness you felt when they graced you with their presence, minus the mind-fucking. Your addicted to wanting to ‘fix’ them. Your addicted to getting the perfect life back that you initially had. Your addicted to the feelings of happiness when you do hear from them or see them. So how do you break this addiction?

The first thing is you have got to truly understand is that, YOU are not the one with the Personality Disorder. The addiction you have was done silently & methodically by the Sociopath~ for a reason! Reason being is, you fulfilled everything they lack. And once you sustained them long enough, boom, the bombs started going off! Confusion & Chaos are now in place. You no longer are able to ‘feed’ them, you no longer provide the excitement, they are tired of being caught in their pathological lies! Their dual & triple lifestyles have now been exposed. And in classic Sociopath fashion they just simply discarded the one causing the “problems” in their life……….as if you were the one causing the problems.

The ONLY WAY to stop your addiction is to do it cold-turkey. I’ve said it hundreds of times on this website, it begins with NO CONTACT. Zero! Those of you that have to co-parent know you have to maintain some contact, but that does not equate to the other parent keeping the addiction in place. You have to go through the withdraws! No way around it. The physical aching to see them or hear from them. The hemorrhaging of heartbreak, the inability to concentrate, the endless river’s of tears. No joy in your life. The thousands of questions. This is the withdrawal of your addiction. And it sucks! Big time…..there is no easy way out of the addiction because your head & heart are having an internal addiction as well. To pick up the phone, to send an email, to check their social media, just starts the addiction all over again. Suffer through this! Reach out to people for support {even though you might hear ‘just get over it}, you can’t! Your going through a withdraw of an addiction, and it takes a lot of time!! There is no fairy dust, magic wand, medications, therapy to ‘fix’ the Sociopath. However, there is help for your addiction to that person. You just have to want it, and want it badly!

if the Sociopath was the perfect person you became addicted to, they would be living happily-ever-after. not fucking up innocent people’s lives     taela hill


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6 Responses to “Sociopath Addiction”

  1. Benjamin Henderson

    I realize this blog is likely geared towards women, but there are us guys who get sucked into bad relationships with bad people who use us until they’ve gotten what they need. I think female sociopaths don’t present the way men do, so it’s harder to recognize.

    It never occurred to me to think of her as an addiction, but she is. The memories of anything good are fading, and all that’s left is a dull ache that roars back to a raging inferno every time she texts me, wanting to play ‘let’s be friends’ or ‘how have you been?’ or asking questions about my new girlfriend, who is a fantastic woman, by the way, and doesn’t deserve this.


  2. Cheryl

    I was in a relationship for 15 years. We have a 2 year old son. So I stop answering the phone for me. Now he’s saying I’m keeping his son from him, by not answering the phone but yet he and his new girlfriend whom he cheated on me with haven’t been picking his son up on his days. The discard was cruel and rude. Letting her text and call me saying things that shouldn’t be said to another person. He doesn’t care at all. He said for me to accept he didn’t want me and to put him in my past.


    • Tela

      Cheryl, I’m sorry you are having to endure this. Sadly, it will not get easier, until you put personal & emotional boundaries in place. This is his way of Sri manipulating you. So be mindful of what he (& the new victim are doing). Sadly he truly does not ‘care’ about your son, it’s simply about control & manipulation. Hang in there! I know it’s terribly difficult!



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