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How many times have I heard and read “I hope Karma kicks them in the ass”. I understand, I really do!! Some say we create, through effort, or Karma, our own futures. We cannot ‘wish’ enough for the Sociopath to get their Karma.

So how do you stop the obsessive thoughts about the ex? How do you stop focusing on them getting their Karma? You need to truly understand what Karma is…..”(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause”. Now you know you cannot control the Sociopaths actions. Period. Nor can you predict the next set of verbal diarrhea out of their mouth full of false accusations, delusional lies, verbal assaults, or empty promises of ‘change’. You can, and should have control over your own thoughts and words, and actions.

Yes! You want Karma to come around and kick the Ex in the ass so you can watch their entire make-believe world come down around them. Yes! You want them to suffer the emotional pain you have. Yes! You want to expose them to the world on what a vile, manipulating piece of shit they are. Yes! You want their families to know that they are a Narcissistic Sociopath. You may even want the person they hooked up with next to know also. That borders on Revenge! And I don’t suggest that {disclaimer: even though I have wanted to do that myself 😉

The best way for the Ex to get their Karma, that YOU have control over, is not to let them see how they broke you! Think of the relationship and how much negative karma was involved! That was the Sociopath breaking you down with their vile Karma. So if you have to have contact, either directly or indirectly, do not give them any indication of how much damage they did to you. Think positive thoughts, get positive results. I’m not saying you can’t wish for their Karma to kick them in the ass. I’m saying instead of focusing on that, focus on “Ok, so you hurt me! You obliterated my world, now I’m going to show you just how strong I really am”……..and what that will do, in an indirect way, is give the Ex their Karma~ FROM YOU.  If they see you going on about life with a fake smile plastered on your face, or when dealing with them with an air of indifference, that is what get’s to them. Karma Equals Control! And we know how much they like to be in control!

How you treat me is your Karma, how I react is Mine         unknown


7 Responses to “Karma”

  1. Rcynefin

    Well my guy is pretty upfront. While I was asking him the “whys” as he was in 5 days “in love with someone else”. He said ” don’t worry wat I’m doing to you will happen to me”. This statement hurt me more than any other. As if he realises what he’s doing to me yet has no empathy.


    • AlohaLover

      @Rcynefin November 3, 2016:
      He’s not “upfront” there is nothing upfront about a sociopath. There is nothing honest about a sociopath. A sociopath has no morals, no integrity, no empathy, no feelings, no soul. His only concern is himself or herself. They don’t know what love is because love involves a feeling an emotion. They lack that in their DNA. I don’t know, and this is something that ‘T’ would need to explain “Do they love their children”. I don’t know. I know they keep their scum life away from their home life.

      As hard as it is, try not to take what he says to you personally. It’s not you, it’s all him. He is flawed in a way we will, thankfully, never understand. I don’t know how long it’s been for you, but hang in there and fight to stay strong. You’ll make it to the other side….I promise you will.
      If you need strength, write in, there are many people who are at different points in healing.


  2. AlohaLover

    I love this site. It, along with T has helped me heal. T always said “you’ll get there”and I never thought I would….never. I had very dark days and this site, Tela and my 3 dogs made me get up everyday. And now 2 years later I came into 2016 without all of my hurt and all of my hate. Oh I still hurt and while I’m not broken and shattered, I more chipped and a lot more aware.
    I just decided NOT to start a new year with bitterness and baggage and when I decided that, it was like a weight was lifted….I gave it away and it felt good.

    Like most of you out there I wanted revenge and waited and waited for Karma that never took place….or maybe it did.
    Don’t get me wrong, part of me would like to see him as road kill and the way he drives, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened.

    What came first the chicken or the egg? What came first Revenge or Karma?
    I’m thinking they are dual soldiers in time. I think they work in harmony but in their own time.

    I’m watching Revenge and Karma attack him….here’s why.

    He was handsome. Dark hair, blue eyes, dimples….he looked like Blake Shelton. People told him that and he ate it up. I recently saw a picture of him and laughed. His hair is more gray than I dark, his eyes have a hollow dead look, wrinkles and he is as far from Blake as he could be. I don’t know if he see’s it but my friend who has seen him says he looks awful. Revenge or Karma?

    He is in management for a very large company getting paid way too much to be be on his laptop looking for hookers. For 2 years we would have to attend charity events that meant nothing to me but to him it was see and be seen. Watching him work the room made me sick. But that was the way to get promoted or so he thought. Well, I am happy to say he has been passed up for several promotions. He has been in the same position for 8 years. No one at that company stays in the same position for longer than 3 at the most. Staying in a dead end job that he hates but pays well.
    Revenge or Karma?

    To me, revenge has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s almost like Karma. I feel that Revenge and Karma collide when the time is right. We don’t have control over the when…that’s for a larger power to decide. But it will happen. And if you’re in that dark place, claw your way out and watch Revenge and Karma hit.
    It’s so much fun.

    What came first Revenge or Karma?

    Stay strong it will get better.


    • AlohaLover

      Today is a really good day.
      In the past ( 2 ½ years ago ) when I would say, “ I’m having a good day “ …it meant I didn’t cry from the moment I got up until I went to sleep. It meant I didn’t feel an ache in my soul that I couldn’t describe and no one would believe…no one believed me. Those 4 words still to this day, sting. Did they, my family and friends, think I was I making this up?
      I would hear people say….” Karma….Karma will get him….you’ll see “. I waited and I waited….nothing. He was happy as can be with his latest conquest. I would see pictures on social media of him and different and while I DO NOT think it’s a good idea for anyone else, for me it was cathartic because the women he chose were bottom of the barrel all the way around and it was only at that time did I feel this isn’t about me. Tela would try like hell to tell me what I was doing was not good but it grossed me out so much, I never wanted to go back….ever.
      Well, today is a really good day….Karma paid him a visit. The nasty ugly bitch he has been seeing and met on AFF for the past 2 years, have broken up. With him being a Narcissistic Sociopath, I doubt he cares and I am certain he has another one lined up but I truly hope she is as broken to the core as I was and I hope she is in pain for a long, long , long time. I know….it’s not a nice thing to say but what happened to me was pure evil. And truthfully, my guess is she is cut from the same cloth as they met on AFF so she will be on to the next too.
      His birthday is the 24th and I considered calling him and wishing him a happy birthday and truly being flirtatious but, when I talked to Tela she said why…you will be feeding him and I said I will never win and she said “ it’s not about winning….it was about escaping.”
      For all of us, this is the most pain we can ever endure. It makes no sense. It blindsides you. You can never win…but you escape with what little sanity you have left. It was all a façade. And lastly, our core has changed and we will never ever be the same. Do I miss the old me….I don’t know. I don’t think so. I do know the next man better have balls of Magnesium based alloy which is the strongest and lightest metal made. I have a very good friend, I call her my Angel because I don’t know if I would be typing this if I didn’t have her but she has a boyfriend named Jimmy and I always say, “ I want a Jimmy “.
      One day…..but for now, today is a really good day. Thank you Karma. Thank you Angel Girl.


      • Tela

        AlohaLover, thank you for your very poignant comment. I know you have heard the word KARMA. And for you, you finally got to ‘see’ it happen. The fact the Ex and his EX girlfriend met on AFF {Adult Friend Finder’s}, speaks volumes. Those sites are cesspool’s of Sociopath’s, Narcissist’s, Sex addicts. In all reality, those websites are a danger to society!
        So today is his birthday. The birth of evil. Celebrate YOUR life, YOUR sanity, YOUR peace!

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