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Sociopath Survival

So many readers send emails asking the same question “how do I ever get over this”.  The first thing you need to recognize is that the relationship with the Sociopath was a death. A death of the person you were prior to them, and a death of the relationship itself. So with that being said, you have to grieve. For some that is hard to do because you can’t let go. For other’s children are involved so there is a need for contact. In this post, I am going to make references to previous post I have made that are in the archives. They will be underlined in blue.  Please click on each post and read it. It will help you to survive where you have been, where you are now,  and how to go forward. 

So you already know the signs & traits  of the person you were with. And you sit and wonder why didn’t you see all the red flagsA Sociopath makes sure to progress the relationship quickly so as to keep you unbalanced. Meaning, they want you to think they are the most fabulous person you have ever met because they do know, in fact, they are sickThey also know from moment ONE that they are rejecting you even though you are falling in love with them, they are already planning {or have already planned} the exit.

So now that you have finally figured out what happened in the beginning and your friends or family are telling you to ‘get over it’. It’s not that simple. You can’t just get over the most evil, vile person who has ever been in your life. You have been devalued  and discarded  in often cases the most cruelest of ways. This is where a part of you has diedAnd this is also what people who have not been involved with a Sociopath cannot understand. This was not a ‘normal’ break-up or divorce. This was HELL.

You also know that no contact  is a must, or you will never heal. If you have children you have to have the boundaries  even though the Sociopath probably will not respect them. Do it for you! If you find yourself missing the ex and want to reach back out to them, be prepared for the same bullshit lies. No matter the time apart from them, they will not wake up a changed person one day. Please understand that! A Sociopath cannot, cannot be ‘fixed,changed/healed/helped‘ etc. Yes, I know your mind takes you back to the good timesHowever, those good times were fake, they were not sincere and the Sociopath was not connected like you were. They were in a constant state of Head Fuckery being done to you, which created the trauma bonding. 

Each of the above post will take you back to a different time in your relationship with the Sociopath. As you read, you will begin to relate and clarity will come. Take each day as it comes. You can’t hurry the healing along. You also cannot go back and un-do the damage. Your friends & family do want to help, but unless they truly know what you have been through, you don’t need to hear the words ‘just get over it’. Because that ‘IT’ encompasses so much.

so you lied about what you did, how you felt, who you were, and bascially pretended to be a fake person who didn’t exist. but your calling me ‘crazy’…okay! 


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