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Silence is Better Than Bullshit

Often times, after you have been discarded or ended the relationship with the Sociopath, some of them slither back into your life like a poisonous snake! And they do this because you allow it to happen. Your so emotionally broken, mentally a disaster, and the only way you ‘feel better‘ is when you have contact with the Sociopath. WRONG THOUGHT PROCESS! All that contact does is feed you more of their bullshit!

If you have to co-parent with a Narcissistic Sociopath, and you hear “you didn’t pack the right snack for school, you didn’t have the homework complete, your emotional instability is damaging the child, you (_________) fill in the blank, is all Bullshit. By listening to their rants about everything YOU are doing wrong as a parent, can and often times leads to parental alienation. So shhhhhhh, Silence! Do not respond to the bullshit. Do not feel like you have to defend your own parental abilities!!! Follow court orders as instructed and do NOT deviate from them! As I have stated numerous times on this website, orders/laws/obligations etc are not in place for a Sociopath. They are above everything and everyone in their delusional minds. However, you, as a personal with an ASPD can and must follow the order’s.

You check the ex’s social media accounts and see pictures of  them and their new victim partner and you think ‘how is that person better than me? Why do they look so happy’? Shhhhhh Silence! Please remember back to when you met the Sociopath, and how happy the two of you were! It was FAKE HAPPINESS for the Sociopath. Just like it is with the new victim partner. You tell yourself ‘they are living Happily-Ever-After’……..so you are feeding your own self bullshit. There is not one Sociopath on this planet that is living Happily-Ever-After!!! Read that again! Their minds are in a constant state of chaos, they have to keep moving their mind-fields around, lying on top of lies, coming up with new potions of SOCIOPATH POISONAnd once they run out of all those ‘options’…boom the new victim partner is discarded the same way you were. It make take months or even years, but it will eventually happen. So silence your mind about who they are with. It truly does not matter, as you know all to well, what the new person is eventually going to experience. PURE MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HELL.

Our minds are the greatest healer, or our own worst enemy. Use the healing part of your mind, and silence the enemy part. A relationship with a Sociopath is not like a ‘normal’ one. I’m sure you have heard ‘just get over it’, ‘move on’, ‘let it go’ etc. IF only so easy. But we know that it is not. There has been deep, deep abuse done to you. So many lies, so much manipulation, so many false accusation and the list goes on. You have to silence each and every one of those abusive things done to you. It is difficult~ at best! But if you tell yourself: Silence is better than bullshit, then and only then, will you begin to slow your brain down, stop the spinning thoughts of Sociopath bullshit, and have moments of peace.

Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence        leonardo da vinci



2 Responses to “Silence is Better Than Bullshit”

  1. Jason

    I am just finding out that my girlfriend or ex-girlfriend is a soicopath. I really would love to make it work is there any kind of recovery


    • Tela

      No Jason, there is no ‘recovery’. Some will EXHIBIT changes, however those are short lived. You cannot change your girlfriends core personality. And if she is a Sociopath, her behavior will continually get worse.



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