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2016 No Baggage

A New Year! Resolutions are made, loose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, exercise more etc. But wait, are ‘resolutions’ not the same thing as goals?

If this your first time visiting my website, searching for answers regarding your partner {or parent’s} strange behavior, pathological lying, having been caught in affair’s, and so on. Please read THIS  first before you start navigating through the multiple post about Sociopath’s, Narcissist. Now onto 2016 and No Baggage


None of us want to carry the thought’s, trauma, abuse {baggage} of the Sociopath into 2016.  Nor do we want to carry the supervisor who refused to move their performance appraisal which cost you a sizable bonus. Or the person who screamed at you and made you feel smaller than a bug scurrying along the floor.

As you look forward to 2016, think about what you want to leave behind. It’s one thing to set goals for yourself, but what are the thing that you must release in order for these goals to actualize? The pain from a Sociopath’s abuse is negative energy, that is holding you back. So how do you release the pain? The abuse? The anger? The ‘WHY’? No doubt you have tried, and thought you had released all those feelings, yet they keep surfacing. Perhaps it’s time to forgive.

I used to think that forgiveness was about letting other’s off the hook. I thought it meant telling someone that I forgave him or her. I thought it was something I proffered magnanimously to other’s, ensconced in my rightness. I thought it was something that I doled out to the deserving like a tablespoon of water to someone dying of thirst. They would be grateful for my benevolence, and I would feel so, well, so righteous. We all know that a Sociopath is the most UNGRATEFUL of human beings. Period.

Sometimes you have to forgive seventy times seven, as Jesus advised the Apostle Peter who had asked how many times he should forgive. Yet, the Sociopath, the pain, the trauma, the abuse keep coming back. It seems like forgiveness is the proverbial onion~ you peel the layers, and peel and peel and peel some more. Yet there are still blockages of moving forward in your life an lack of forgiveness keeps resurfacing.

Whenever you have those negative thoughts, no matter how minute, how painful or how often, it means there is something to forgive, something to release. However, there is always another person to be forgiven, yourself. Somehow it needs to come around to this “I forgive myself”, yes, the seventy times seven and more applies to me. I forgive myself for holding the negative thoughts. Many times there’s another bout of venting and release, until I feel empty and clear.

Today, start the process of forgiving the Sociopath {or any persons} for whom you hold negative thoughts, no matter  how minor, or irrational. And always remember, the NUMBER ONE person to forgive is yourself. Carry those negative thought’s, the wishing of Karma to come around and smash the Sociopaths world to Hell no more. Enter 2016 light and free, unfettered by the baggage of your past.

forgiveness is a selfish act that frees you from being controlled by the past


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