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Healing Your Spirit And Heart

9 Responses to “Healing Your Spirit And Heart”

  1. AlohaLover

    I didn’t know where I should post this but I decided this was a good place for what I have to say.

    Time does heal and healing takes time.

    I’m going through things, stuff, boxes and I came across a beautiful leather bound journal that I bought for the EX and I to “communicate”. This is while we were still together and I caught him cheating, and as we know, sociopaths never, ever like to be caught and confronted as they can’t quite get out of it that easy. So he sold me a line of goods on how it was hard for him to communicate and that it was easier to write it. I bought this journal and made the first entry and left it on his pillow where he would find it and write his deepest thoughts. No need to go back to how he felt but OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF BS !!!! And at the time, I bought it. Now as I read it and I know a bit about the mind of a sociopath, I just laughed….no tears…..no sadness…..just shook my head and laughed.
    As I read it, I noticed how he was so precise and calculated in turning the issue back onto me. And the next entry by me was ” I’m sorry, I made you feel that way….blah…blah…blah….” .
    My point is, you may be feeling there is no calm, no peace, no freedom in sight, but there is….I promise you…..there is. It’s not you.

    Time does heal and healing takes time.

    Stay strong….you will get through this.

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    • Joy

      Hi.. I’m really I’ve crossed over your blogs and like others felt, it’s like reading my life. I’ve been living with them for 12yrs and have been away from them for 3months now but, i feel like locked up. I just wonder, have you ever not become a sociopath yourself after livinv a hell lige with them? I am afraid, I might have become one, and I’m pretty sure I won’t like it. 😦


      • Tela

        You do not ‘become a Sociopath’ because you were involved with one. You must remember, their personality disorder, the core being is

          learned behavior

        from a young age. A person does not wake up one day and is a Sociopath.
        You have been through enormous abuse, and are just beginning a very, very long road to healing.

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      • alohalover

        Once your mind is made up and you know in your heart of hearts, he will never ever change and every other woman he is with and seems happy with, you know is a lie because once a sociopath always a sociopath, you will gain strength physically and most of all mentally. He will never ever change. No shrink will change him. No pill will change him. But, you can and will change into a strong fearless woman. He will smear you but you can take it….you know the truth.
        The truth will always win and Karma never loses an address.


  2. AlohaLover

    A friend of mine told me I needed to watch Millionaire Matchmaker on TV because the person who was being set up dated a sociopath, she said it was me to a tee. I haven’t watched it yet.

    We’re all in different stages of recovery and some are just boarding the train to hell. I say hell, because that’s where you truly feel you are headed. You are being treated like crap, you are verbally abused, beaten down, lied too, cheated on and told you will be sorry when they are gone and you’re going to be alone forever, never to date or marry again.
    Well, IMO, you will be broken, you will be torn to shreds, you may even think he / she is right, you will cry…a lot, you won’t want to get out of bed, you won’t want to see people….for me, I didn’t want to see people because NO ONE BELIEVED ME when I told them of all the crap he put me through, how he broke me, he cheated with whores and hookers and how I didn’t want to wake up….like I would f-ing lie about that….I had proof and still they didn’t believe me. I made up my mind that I didn’t care what they thought. I was on the fast track to hell and I didn’t know what to do until I found this site and ‘T’. I wasn’t crazy and I wasn’t alone. That was April 22, 2014.
    Today, I’m far from being totally perfect because like a lot of you, I was reduced to rubble and after 2 years, I have re-built myself into a better person, a more aware person, a fierce, fearless woman who will never ever beg, plead, or cry to someone who’s trying to break her. Life kept tossing me fastballs and I kept in the game, sometimes I got hit with the pitch but I kept swinging and now I am finally through hell. You can do it too, just keep your eye on the ball because soon it will connect to a much better life. Like someone told me ” I promise you, it will get better” …..it will. Keep strong and keep one thing in mind….a sociopath will always be a sociopath….they will never change. I love that.


  3. vino4me

    Hi Tela,
    I’m not certain where my post actually belongs but my story is much like the others and I am coming out of the darkness and hell. In celebration, I am getting a tattoo…small because I’m a chicken, but it will be of a phoenix. I want it on the inside of my wrist and when I look at it I will KNOW I am strong and I overcame this part of my life. I also want…small and on the other inside wrist the infinity sign with a feather and the word love or xox . That to me means I will forever have Angels (feather) and Love.
    I still have moments but nothing like 6 months ago….and for anyone out there who thinks it won’t….give it time…..there is no time limit and don’t let anyone tell you it takes XX amount of time….be real about the time and you’ll know. YOU CAN AND WILL GET THROUGH IT. Stick with this site, Tela is amazing.

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    • Tela

      Yes it is incomprehensible how another human lacks so much, and not even a tiny bit of compassion to check on you. I’m so happy to have you apart of my blog!!! ❤️



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