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Why Me

If this is your first visit to my site, Welcome!  Welcome to a place of safety, non-judgement and a place to start healing.  A place where others, many others, have been right where you are at this very moment.  A place of hurt, confusion, tears, heartache, and so much more. 


By being here, right now, you have taken the first step to a new you.  I promise you, the pain, confusion,  and despair you are feeling right now will lessen with time. Take it one moment at a time.  What you are going through is unlike anything you have ever been through in your life.  There will be people who will say “Move on”, “It’s time to let it go”.  I can tell you firsthand; this ‘break-up’ is unlike any other you have ever experienced.  It blindsides you, it makes you second guess your thoughts, emotions and actions.  It confuses you to a point of not knowing fact from fiction.  One moment you felt loved and secure and the next you have been discarded like trash. 

It’s very normal for your world to be perfect and the next hour it’s as though an explosion has rocked your world.  The most important thing to remember, it’s NOT YOU.  You had nothing to do with the sociopath’s decision to discard you. The next thing to remember and I said before and will continue to say it “ you will get through this”.


Every new person to this life change, should be aware of what they might expect in the coming moments to months.

You may have any one to all of the following thoughts and emotions:

  • Confusion
  • Shock
  • Loss of self worth
  • Feeling you could have prevented the break-up
  • Weight loss or gain.
  • Deep heartache
  • Anger
  • Buckets of tears
  • Feeling like you’re in mourning
  • Revenge
  • Fear
  • Feeling of dread
  • Not wanting to get out of bed
  • Hide from the world
  • Abused
  • Betrayal
  • Still in love with the Sociopath
  • The need to call and try to make him see how much you and he / she belong together. DON’T DO IT!
  • Thoughts and feelings are different for everyone.
  • Paralyzing Pain: This is an excellent article

In the first few days to weeks, you will want to contact the ex.  Don’t do it.  It will be the hardest thing you’ll ever do but don’t contact them!!!!  All the progress, as little as it may be, will set you back and you’ll have to start all over again only this time, the sociopath may start smearing your name to mutual friends or family.  The sociopath will absolutely do it to the person or persons they are seeing. You become the crazy ex.  Remember…..IT’S NOT YOU!


I invite you to peruse my site at your own pace. Look at the different topics. Some may resonate with you and others may not or may not yet.  The most important thing to do is take care of you.  Keep healthy. As hard as that is, you must put you first!

Post what you’d like and know you are not alone and you’ll get an answer either from me or from someone else that has been right where you are. Read the comments under the post’s, you will most likely be able to relate to them. Read the post under the ‘Sharing Page’.

 Trust me….  You will get through this.  I promise.


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