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The Circus

The Sociopath circus has come to town! You are so excited, so happy, filled with excitement on what is in store. Little did you know this Circus was going to take you to Hell.

A Sociopath Circus comes into your life as the most amazing/incredible/beautiful person you have ever encountered. The outgoing personality, the incredible sex, the words you have always wanted to hear a lover say to you. The Circus is so overwhelming that at times you cannot keep up with it because you are “so in love”.  All you ‘see’ is how terrific this person is, all you ‘feel’ is the love that has been missing from your life, all you ‘focus’ on is  being caught up in the excitement of the Sociopath Circus.

Then you wake up one day, and the Circus now has let loose of the animals. There are elephants in the room, there are skeletons in the closet, there is the joker who is constantly lying, manipulating and emotionally abusing you. There is the woman with the crystal ball telling you “you are a liar, you have made the Circus hell, you are the cheater, you are ruining the Sociopath’s life”, then there are the Flying Monkey’s that come out and start telling family and friends how fucked up YOU are. The lion comes out of the cage and all it wants to do is daily and methodically ‘attack’ your mind, ‘attack’ your self-worth, self-esteem. Then the clown appears to laugh at your tears, to make fun of your heartbreak and disappointment. The little dogs are out and you are jumping through hoops to keep the Sociopath happy. You are now apart of the circus walking the tightrope, trying to avoid confrontation. The jugglers come out and you cannot keep up with the words and actions of the Sociopath circus, your head is spinning because this Sociopath Circus has you crazy!!!

How do you get out of this Sociopath Circus? As I’ve said so many times: NO CONTACTI know you have tried, and failed at the no contact multiple times. But look at it from this prospective. Each and every time, either YOU or the Sociopath reaches out and makes contact, you are feeding the Sociopath Circus animals. The elephant in the room represents all the bullshit {mask that slipped} of truly what the person is, A Sociopath! The woman with the crystal ball represents the HEAD FUCKERY & I’M SORRY done to you. Example “please forgive me, I promise I have changed and want to use work this out.” The clowns in the Sociopath Circus represent the POISON you were given during this circus. The tightrope represents you walking around an ever moving Sociopath mine-field, not knowing where to step or what to say. Stop feeding the anmials!

Yes! You are hurt, pissed off, disillusioned, confused, heartbroken and a whole barrage of emotions.  Totally and completely acceptable. What is not acceptable is, if you keep reaching your hand out to feed the Sociopath Circus animals only to have it bit off, and there you are, back at square one. Please understand, the Sociopath Circus moves around all the time. Either from one person to the next, or one animal comes out at a time, or they do their classic DISAPPEARING ACTYou truly do have the strength to walk away from this Hell of a Circus. How much more of yourself can you ‘feed’ to the Sociopath? Sure, you will miss the circus, you will remember the beginning, the excitement and so on. But just like a real life circus, it only stays around for a short period of time.

Get your head and heart on the same page. Get your feelings out, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can change any of the animals that make up a Sociopath! You cannot! 

“If you surround yourself with clowns, don’t be surprised when your life resembles a circus.”                    steve maraboli


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