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Sick Again !


Hypochondriac definition should also contain the words  ‘sociopath, psychopath, narcissist’  somewhere in it.

How many of us deal with a sociopath/psychopath, who, when they get a cold it’s the end of the world for them? Not just a cough, and congestion, but there’s is a cold unlike any known to mankind! And with the same cold {that we have all had at one time or another}, a sociopath is unable to even function!!

Eleven months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I now equate my socio to the breast cancer! Both are toxic to my health and both are battles.  In the months following the diagnosis, i went through surgery, radiation, chemo etc. There were days, of course, that I didn’t feel so good. However, I was still able to function! I still manage to get to work and be productive, I even managed to get out of bed!! {insert sarcasm}. A sociopath can have a symptom of something, and the next thing you know they have some rare disease only found in the remotest part of the Madagascar Rain Forest {of which he had never been}. And as we know the elaborate details in the lies sociopath’s tell us, we could almost believe them. So I found myself, at least 4-5 times a month calling bullshit on my sociopath’s  “Disease of the Week” .

Once we realize exactly who and what our sociopath’s/psychopath’s/narcissist  are, it is nearly impossible to have any sympathy when they cry ‘sick again’. How many times have you needed your sociopath to take care of something while you were ill? Or go pick something up or even answer the phone and they never followed through? This blogger wrote an excellent post about the inability of a sociopath, psychopath to have any sympathy for her, and actually even goes on to physically attack her!   But when they are sick….again, they are relentless in the needing of us to take care of them. Which is very unusual given they are empty void of compassion and/or sympathy.

Many {not all} Sociopath’s, Psychopath’s, Narcissist have anxiety issues, which go hand in hand with their poor impulse control. This anxiety also cause’s them to be Sick Again. Anxiety creates emotional chaos for us , and also is a cause of PTSD in victim’s {survivors} of these toxic relationships.   Anxiety is not contagious, however, it can create a certain level of anxiousness and/or defensiveness in us, the victim. Wondering when the next verbal war will take place, or the blame-game starts, or in one blogger’s situation, the disappearing act.  Or in this bloggers case watching the XNarcassist parade in his door with his next victim  girlfriend. With this anxiety going on, it can also create depression in you, even if you had never had depression. And with other’s it will exacerbate the depression, making it even more difficult to take care of themselves physically and emotionally.  {side note:My XSocio also had panic attacks along with his anxiety that he blamed on his ex-wife. He is also an alcoholic {a different post to come}, which magnifies  his anxiety and panic attacks.

There are many ways to deal with and cope with anxiety. However, you have to be removed from the situation causing this in you, and for some that is truly impossible. Even with the no contact in place, you may still have to be exposed to the Sick Again person.  Remember, you are not the cure for their sickness, you are only a supply source for it. 

9 Responses to “Sick Again !”

  1. Steve

    In my experience personality disordered people are needy little cry babies. To be fair anyone can get sick and a cold that one person shakes off in two days, can floor another.
    With Narcs/paths it’s more the constant babyish need for constant attention and mollycoddling. You have to be there constantly offering reassurance and patting their hand telling them “everything will be ok”
    Do yourself a favour and just don’t. Let them endlessly cry and complain and save your love and sympathy for someone deserving of it, who will invariably be someone that neither asks for it or expects it but so desperately needs it. Like many of the poor damaged souls that find themselves on sites like this. Hurt damaged people that genuinely need a hug and to be told “everything will be ok”
    When you do first aid training they teach you at the scene of a accident you don’t go to the person who is screaming and cattle-walling you go to the one who is silent because the silent one is the one most in need of help. Narcs will endlessly milk sympathy and attention given the chance.
    Apply this to your emotions


  2. weebee

    mkay, gotta jump in. been reading through your blog wondering how in the world it’s escaped wee bee’s blogosphere all this time….

    psychopath ex-husband went to length of getting a spinal cord stimulator for a non-existent problem (there’s a list as long as the bible of all the ways/reasons wee bee knows it was being faked). pretty sure it was like the best christmas ever for him when the thing was approved and implanted — who’s going to question someone when they can show you a box attached to a wire that goes directly into your spine? he probably gets disability and used all of this to magically rid himself of his 100k+ debt.

    anyway, felt the need to jump in here and say hi and also yes, yes, and more and more yes to your entire blog. very sorry to hear you’ve been through the same hellish scenarios, but glad you came to the realizations you have about Sociopath and are healing and sharing with others.

    pleased to meet you 🙂


    • Tela

      Thank you WeeBee for your comment! And nice to meet you as well 😀 I had to laugh at the way you described the ex-husband’s illness bullshit delusional issues! So typical of a Sociopath! I’m glad you are away from that evil/ life sucking individual! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Robyn

    Oh God
    I remember the ailings and wailings so clearly. These ‘sicknesses’ popped up whenever he was supposed to be doing something he didn’t want to do, (like turning up to the Employment Centre which was a requirement of receiving his unemployment payments).
    Then there were the days he just wanted sympathy and attention and to make you feel bad for him, yet he could sit there and be a complete asshole and if you put boundaries in place, he made you out to be an abuser.


    • Tela

      I had to laugh at the ailing & wailing’s. It is so pathetic when a Sociopath is ‘sick it’s as if the world has stopped. But oh for Christ’s sake don’t you get sick and ask them to help out……it will never happen!!!


      • AlohaLover

        Holy Hell, how did I miss this topic?! Oh, have I been there with X. And because I was so in love with this NS, I was Florence Nightingale ….let me help you….let me buy you this or that vitamin for your immune system. Let me go to the Dr. with you so I’ll know how to help you…you…you…
        It may sound a bit crazy BUT he was ill a few times and I’ll explain.

        We just started dating and he quickly, as they all do, moved right in. He either ate something funky or just had the flu but he….gosh how do I say it…it was summer, he was wearing shorts, and his sphincter muscle couldn’t hold it and he pooped his pants. He was mortified as anyone would be….especially a Narcissist….but I, being the loving girlfriend, took care of him….gagging and all. I did it.
        And then there was the time his back gave out and I took a day off work to take him to the chiropractor and babied him and helped him stretch, and how about the time he had folliculitis on his face. It was gross. Can you imagine a Narcissist/Sociopath (NS) with infected hair follicles all over his face and neck. I’m laughing right now because he thought it was the worst thing ever….really. I came home from work one day and the entire house was dark not a single light on except a glow from the TV. Where are you and what’s going on I asked. ” OH, I can’t look at myself in the mirror, will this go away”. Being the loving girlfriend I took off a day of work went to the Dr. armed with questions and we left with an amazing cream and Hibiclense (OTC, really good for a lot of things )within 8 hours, it was clearing up. WAIT….I forgot to mention, towels and sheets had to be washed DAILY. Lastly, he had kidney stones. 2am, he woke me up in pain and by 5am we were at the ER. Had I known he was going to leave discard me, I might have taken out those stones myself.
        But the best part T, was after I was the discard, I stopped eating, not drinking enough water and I lost over 20 pounds in 4 weeks. Good but NOT good since my system was f-ed up and my electrolytes and my entire body were out of whack. We were trying to get back together and he stayed over when my world was spinning upside down and I couldn’t control it. I needed to go to the hospital, I was scared and he couldn’t take me, he had a BBQ to go too. THAT FUCKER LEFT ME. Once I felt better, I took myself where I stayed for 8 hours and bags of fluids later. You’re right….they will not help you.
        PS: NS and depression go hand in hand….I found papers that he had to be off work for a few months due to depression and anxiety. T, you know what I would have handed him. Here fucker, let me help you.


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