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Paralyzing Pain

When you read the word ‘paralyzing’ you probably thought in the literal sense. No, I am talking about the paralyzing emotional pain caused from being involved with a Narcissistic Sociopath.

This paralyzing pain can cause you to think irrationally, to not act normally, especially from panic or fear. Because a Sociopath has such an mental and emotional hold over you, they threaten you , if you dare expose them for the sick/evil individuals they are. The paralyzing pain is also caused by the truth as it is now coming to you about the person you were with. Maybe you have found out how much cheating they were doing behind your back, you can recall moments when words and actions did not match. Maybe you even set them up to catch them in a lie~ yet they still straight face lied to you. Paralyzing pain! Now all of the lies, manipulation that was silently done to you is coming to light, paralyzing pain!  You have discovered a deceptive sick sexual addictive side to the Sociopath~paralyzing pain. You question yourself, ‘what did I do to deserve this?’, NOTHING! If you have a child or children together and they simply refuse to pay child support or follow court order’s this is called THE PAWNSThe Sociopath could care less about the children, same way they had no care for you~ paralyzing pain. 

Day in and day out your thoughts are consumed with the ‘why’s’, ‘how could this person do  this to me’, ‘why did I invest so much into a hollow/empty/vile individual’, why can’t I let go??? Paralyzing pain. You cannot let go because you have no closure. You hurt beyond any hurt you have ever experienced, you want answers. Nothing, absolutely nothing makes sense to you! You try {and sometimes fail} at NO CONTACT because you invested so much mentally & emotionally to the Sociopath, you think “Okay, they have finally changed and the relationship will be ‘normal'”. There is absolutely nothing normal about a Sociopath. And when you accept that, more paralyzing pain. You find it next to impossible to get through each day, all you want to do is hide in your home, hide from the pain. But you cannot. You are now on the emotional roller coaster of Hell and trying to ESCAPE THE NOISE It truly is the most difficult thing you will ever recover from in your life. There is never closure, you have to learn to love yourself again, build your self-esteem and learn to eventually let go. I know your thinking “there is no way I can ever let go of what I went through”. YES! You can, and you must. Or you will spend the rest of your life in the paralyzing pain wasting day after day thinking of a person who could care less about you. Yes, harsh words to read, but that is the reality of a Sociopath.

Embrace the barrage of emotions you are experiencing right now! The hurt, the anger, disappointment, disgust, hatred, missing them, wanting REVENGEwanting to see their make-believe disgusting world come crashing down around them, back to deep, deep hurt. It’s a vicious cycle of grief you are going through, but you have to do it. And please know, you are not alone!!!! There are thousands of people who are right where you are in the paralyzing pain. And I can promise you, one day, you will learn to stand up and move forward. It will take a very long time, but you will do it!

“We feel angry and embarrassed when we are sucked in by someone who lies and manipulates. We resent the time, energy and love we offered them in good faith because it was all for nothing. They don’t even appreciate what they took from us because it is never enough for them. Once we see through them, they search for a new victim and we can’t even give out a warning because the liar is so good at what they do – they do it all the time. We can only watch and wait and hope that, eventually, they move along far enough that we don’t feel or see the effects of their lies any more. There is no cure for these people and if there was they wouldn’t take it. They love the control their lies give them, they love the attention and will do anything to keep it.”   barbourne northwick


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