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Escaping The Noise

Being with a Narcissist Sociopath is like being with a person who suffer’s from terminal adolescence. They were unable/unwilling to give you what you needed to sustain a healthy relationship. There is a whole lot of ‘take’ and very minimal ‘give’. And at the end of the relationship your are left with The Noise in your head.

This Noise can consist of all the negative verbally said to you, emotional warfare during the relationship. It can be you beating yourself up for putting up with what you did for as long as you did. Or it may be why you didn’t see the red flags. It can come from reading text/emails from the Sociopath, trying to make any sense of the senseless. The Noise from the Sociopath remains long after you are physically away from them. Even if with the no contact in place, there will be times you are alone with your thought’s, those thoughts turn into The Noise.

When you were with your Narcissist Sociopath, you were silently conditioned to their wants/needs/desires. Even though you entered into the relationship with a head full of hope and happiness and a heart full of love, they never quite ‘entered’ into the relationship. To the Sociopath it was all about sustaining them. Now you will have to make a conscious effort to stop The Noise. If you find yourself obsessing over them~ stop! This obsession is so damaging to your mental health. You can will & wish & obsess all you want, but let’s be realistic, it will not change who they are, period. This obsessive thought process creates more Noise. You have to deal with them because of the children~ set boundaries. If you stick to your boundaries you are stopping The Noise! Confusion from what you just went through {be it 2 months or 20 years}, can create a lot of Noise. Because the Sociopath operates in what I call ‘spin mode’ you never know what is going to come out of their mouth ie: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde, and you never know what their actions are.

The easiest way to Escape The Noise is by not becoming your own worst enemy. If you find yourself drifting to thought’s of them, drift your thoughts another direction. Make that conscious effort! You are reconditioning your thought process. Yes! It is difficult because you are dealing with so many emotions! However, it is do able! And you can do it!! If you have to make up a positive mantra to say to yourself, do it! Figure out what works to take your thoughts off of them, and stick to it!

“Decide what it is you want

write that shit down

make a fucking plan


work on it




leonie dawon


5 Responses to “Escaping The Noise”

  1. iAMfree

    This NOISE is for real. I feel like there’s a recording in my head, for all his needs and wants. Not in a relationship. Just his needs and wants. How he needs a particular brand of tea, how I need to wake up at 6 am instead of 530 am (so as not to disturb his sleep), how I need to be quiet while walking around the condominium, how I should turn the door knob when closing doors… The recording goes on and on in my head even if we don’t live together anymore. It’s been three weeks since I kicked him out.

    I learned to divert my mind with music. I usually wake up, remembering all his demands and how he devalued my whole being pièce by pièce. It still happens, but now I keep my iPad on my bedside table, and play my favorite music upon waking up. It takes away the heavy feeling from the recent discard. It also helps me get up from my bed.

    Thank you so much for this blog.


  2. Liana

    Thank you so much for this blog. I live with exectly all this shit for 3,5 years. Just started taking antidepressants as I am very sick from what my life turned into. I live with your blog now and help is massive. Thank you!


    • Tela

      Thank you Liana for your comment. I hope the anti-depressants will start to help you on your path to recovery from all the abuse. It’s not a magic pill, but it will help take the edge off those moments of thoughts of HELL that come and go. I hope you have NO CONTACT in place, as that truly is the only way to begin to put yourself and your life back together. ❤



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