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Confusion And Chaos

2 Responses to “Confusion And Chaos”

  1. Susan

    Let go, move on and chalk it up to a lesson well learned to avoid future mistakes of the same variety. Having a sociopath for a mother set me up for a lifetime of failed relationships, ironically and unwittingly , with men who had the same tendencies as hers. And don’t sleep with the people you date. Contrary to today’s societal beliefs, it is NOT good practice to do so for the very reason you stated in your post. If he was sleeping with four women simultaneously (while spreading disease among them) God only knows how many other hundreds he’s been with before you. Remember. By engaging in sexual activity with him you have slept with every one of them as well. Run for your life.


  2. Claire Murphy

    I have tried to help his latest victim but my efforts have largely been ignored. I feel sorry for her but also angry since she was one of the FOUR women he was sleeping with at the same time as me, and yes, passing around a disease, she however knew about the rest of us, the rest of us did not!! When am I going to calm down and let go of all this? It’s in my thoughts everyday. On the positive side, tonight I have for the first time ever managed to ignore a text from him!



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