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Sociopath Anniversay

Anniversary’s are always, usually cause for huge celebrations. However, when we celebrate an anniversary from/with a Sociopath…..it is a totally different sort of celebration!!

We celebrate 1 day, 1 week or 1 year of no contact! As ‘normal’ humans, we look forward to milestones. Be it with ourselves, children, career’s etc. And we celebrate those! We have a baby~ celebration! The baby roll’s over for the first time, or a first tooth~ milestone. We get a promotion in our career~ celebration.

In a relationship with a Sociopath we celebrate stringing two days together of no Crazy TrainAfter the relationship, now we celebrate NO CONTACT.  How many times in your life did you have to consciously think “wow, I’ve made it (x) number of days not talking to someone? Then after the day’s start to go by, and you are now aware of the pathological liar, deceiver, Head Fucking  person you were with is a Sociopath, you have no desire to ‘celebrate anything! Your entire world has collapsed. You are no longer the person you once were. There is nothing to ‘celebrate‘ from the Sociopath Hell  you were in. But wait…..there is! I know, right now today you may not think you can get through this. You are missing the Sociopath like crazy, there is no light or happiness in your life. Nothing to look forward to. Some of you have to MAKE yourself get out of bed & face the day. That’s all OKAY!!! I promise you……..you will eventually celebrate again!!  It takes time! A LOT of time. Be easy on yourself. And know that you are NOT on this journey out of Sociopath Hell alone!! The following was a comment left his morning under my article Sociopath HellI am so proud of her & the thousands of other’s that have Celebrated a Sociopath Anniversary!! 

Happy Anniversary to ME!!!! I did it…..I made it to the other side of HELL! My heart aches a bit and I have tears because I miss the illusion of him but like I’ve always said he can never be cured..no pills…no therapy….nothing.
It’s a long and winding road back to a new you.

Wherever you are in your journey from Hell, just remember you will make it. Rely on family, friends, animals, this site whatever it takes to reach the other side, do it.

Stay Strong….
xox    alohalover


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6 Responses to “Sociopath Anniversay”

  1. AlohaLover

    Hello All,

    Happy 4th of July 2016……Independence Day…..Freedom. I was thinking about freedom today and what this day means to everyone. It means we live in the best country ever…but, ‘freedom’ when you have been involved with a sociopath takes on a whole new meaning.
    I like to think of myself as being free from the life I used to know. Free to wear what I want. Free to go out with friends. Free to do whatever I want and when I want to do it.

    Once you are away from the Sociopath, you have freedom. YOU ARE FREE. Now, it’s true freedom doesn’t come without a price and you….yes you have paid a huge price to be free. Because of the brave soul you are, you are free. Because YOU were brave enough to leave or because you didn’t have a choice or he / she left you…whatever the case may be…..YOU were brave enough to go on and fight for your freedom to live. It’s not easy and there are tough battles but you will fight and you you will win…..you will win your FREEDOM. So wherever you are in this battle, keep fighting for your life and for the chance to be free at last.
    Freedom, feels so good!


  2. RCS

    I am a male that left my Sociopathic/Narcissistic/BPD wife 90 days ago and went no contact. I filed for divorce the same day after I found out all the things she was doing behind my back to cost me my career, family , friends, my sanity and my adult children. It has been the hardest 90 days of my life as going no contact with someone you spent ever minute with for a few years is very difficult, I have found this blog very helpful as I celebrate an anniversary every day of staying no contact. I became addicted to the illusion and have taken the time to work on me. I, like everyone else on here have cried evey day, gotten angry every day and wondered why every day. But also have realised i am not alone,,even being a male going through this and that they are not going to change. I actually found it so awesome to see the article “Who am I” as I actually had this hit me about a month before I left and started seeing a counselor right away. She thankfully saw everything going on in my life and told me that it was abuse and to get out and that if the genders were reversed she would have me go to a shelter. Ego and co dependency kept me there another few weeks but then there was the straw that broke the camels back. I still marvel at the surprise when she come home to me gone and how everything was 100pct my fault and that I just needed to come home and “talk about it”. As i am told over and over again you never get the answer why they do the things they do and I know someday I will be grateful for having to go through this as it will make me a better person in the long run. Thanks for the forum as it really does help!!


    • Joshua Barry

      Maaaaaa ! My brother…..I spent 14 years with my wife. She was diagnosed bipolar but I am now convinced more than ever she either was misdiagnosed or carries a comorbid diagnosis of being a sociopath. Like all of us we fell in love with her illusion, her mask; the image she wanted us to see but the mask always slides off eventually.

      She was graced with a huge toolset to manipulate people with. When she gets all dolled up she is an absolute knockout, a ten for sure. 5 foot 4 120 pounds. And she uses every bit of her sexuality to control people.

      The last time we tried to reconcile she quickly lost interest in trying to convince me she was a changed person when she realized i wasnt easily fooled anymore, her sex wasn’t causing me to fall for her like it used to, I stopped giving her money, and I kept her at an arms length.

      I could type countless examples but I won’t. I know what I’m dealing with and just wantes to say you aren’t alone. These women or sociopaths do not care about us not because we aren’t worthy or good enough but because they are people who just have brains that cannot function normally and are incapable of forming true human connections.

      My ex is a very dangerous person.

      Currently I am dealing with a situation where she blamed me for causing bruising on her arm during a moment where I caught her cheating once again. I had to pay a medical expert witness just to prove that I didn’t cause them. Now she is facing a defamation of character lawsuit by me. This is so effed up to be threatening to sue the mother of your child, your partner for a decade in a half, because she got caught lying again so she lashed out and made herself the victim. And she did it in the most awful way; by claiming i abused her and caused bruising she likely caused herself.

      Be strong, start a hobby, hang with friends a lot, go get some pussy to distract yourself, whatever you need to do to get through hell lol.

      See you on the other side.



    • Wayne

      Thats such a great comment Rcs. I got a really hard day ahead of me and that helped.


  3. Diane

    I just celebrated my 1st year out of hell. I did everything that was suggested.
    I went on my first date. It was soooo much better than any dinner w/ my Spath.
    Lots of laughing!! This new man actually took a test … And said “he’s not a Spath.” We laughed more. (No Spath would ever attempt that !)
    In the last 2weeks, I have been contacted by 2 suffering women. One where I live and the other out of state. The book Boundaries was what I needed to build validation n strength before I could go into action.
    I think the best way I can describe my emotional state after I realized what I was dealing with was : “My soul had been taken hostage, but I didn’t know it until I had been released.” Thanx for letting me share.
    Signed: Feeling like a Rose.


    • Tela

      Diane~ Thank you for sharing the great news of one year OUT OF HELL!!!! This gives so many people hope, that, they too, can and will survive the abuse from a Sociopath! The date sounds like it was fun…..please let us know how the new guy works out 😉
      The Book Boundaries is a fantastic book! I highly recommend it for everyone, not just people who have been abused, or involved with Sociopaths, but for everyday lives.
      Thank you again for sharing with us! ❤



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