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The below comment was left over the Holiday’s under Female Sociopath . I did not approve the comment, as once again, someone wants to leave false information. And in classic textbook Sociopath/Psychopath, they have to blame someone for their vile, sick, in-human behavior.

First off, the APA {of which I am a member} is not run by ‘Psychopaths’, nor is it then the ‘end result of a corrupt APA’. I suggest that if this is your first time to my website, please take the time to read THIS. It gives you some background about myself, and what I will and will not tolerate as far as comments or feedback on this website.

I feel every person has a voice. EVERY SINGLE PERSON abused, yes, ABUSED by a Sociopath, Psychopath/Narcissist needs to be validated and given the right tools to heal and recover. And that is the reason for this website. To help you first off, get answers! Secondly to tell you IT IS NOT YOU that has the problem. Third, share your story, read other’s who have shared. Read the comments. I have several men and women who have contributed via comments to this website over the last 2 years. Rob, under Female Sociopath. SantaLand, you can read his story HERE, Rivak who shares her own personal, extremely honest journey from Hell with a Narcissist, to battling anxiety,  depression, PTSD. And many other men and women who have, or are right where you are today, this very moment.

This ‘Tina’ is obviously unaware that to continue to practice, a Psychiatrists/Psychologists must continue what is called ‘continuing education’. Every single year we have to have a set amount of hours of continuing education to maintain our license. Therefore, her comment is completely FALSE. I have said it countless times when you are searching the internet for help, be very mindful. There are hundreds of terrific websites/books etc to help you. And on the same hand, there are hundreds that give false information.

You have been horrifically abused, traumatized and left mentally & emotionally paralyzed by a Sociopath or Psychopath. I understand, as I was as well at one time! This road to healing, recovery, awakening is a very, very long road. One which has steep hills and valley’s. Day’s where you will take 1 step forward and 5 back. It’s okay! Abuse shared, is abuse healed.

In the day’s ahead I will be posting an article about the New Year. For today, remind yourself; you DO matter! You are a vital part of this world, and you will make it out of the HELL you are in!


@GeneticPsycho (Tina)

In reply to Exhausted.What you are seeing is the end result of a corrupt Psychiatric Association (APA) which restricts the professionals, and does not properly train them. Psychopaths run that organization and do not want to be found out themselves. At roughly 4 percent of population (12 million psychopaths in the US alone), I bet most of their business comes from the traumatized victims of psychopaths. Do they want to give up that income by advancing education?





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