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Identity Theft

Do you ask yourself “who am I“? As if your identity has been stolen and now you are trying to figure out, what happened? Who was the person that ruined your life {identity}, and why are you paralyzed with your thoughts and emotions? Question, if in fact the person is a Narcissistic Sociopath?

A Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath has the ability to steal our Identity!  Not in the literal sense, like using your ID or Social Security number etc. Although………some have. What a Sociopath does in the Identity Theft is done silently & methodically without you knowing. After the ‘honeymoon’ phase, or ‘love bombing’ is over, and the real identity of the person you are or were with now comes to the forefront.

You ask yourself so many questions, you find yourself unable to have a ‘normal’ peaceful conversation with the Sociopath as it always turns around back on you, as if everything is your fault. This is the identity theft of your ability to have a logical conversation. Your actions are now under a microscope with false accusations against you, this is the identity theft of you being able to live your life without walking on egg shells, having to account for every moment of your day. You call out the Sociopath on their lie’s, and before you know it, the blame shift happens and YOU are the liar, this is the identity theft of you questioning whether the Sociopath really is a liar. The Sociopath silently manipulates your thoughts and emotions for their sick personal gain, this identity theft, now makes you think there is something wrong with you!

You have lost your self-worth, self-esteem all because of words and actions from the Sociopath, this is a huge Identity Theft! As you think to yourself you will never recover from what they have done to you! Your entire Identity of who you were PRIOR to the Sociopath is now gone. You think to yourself ‘was the entire relationship nothing but lie’s? I meant nothing to the Sociopath? How could we live so ‘happy’ for so long?” You have those thoughts because the Identity Theft was being done.

Once the Sociopath moves on to a new victim person, you feel they took part of your Identity with them. You may even think you were co-dependent on the Sociopath, NO! That was them stealing your identity. Do not confuse co-dependence with wanting to be loved in return. Do not confuse co-dependence with expecting a person you have poured your heart and soul into, wanting to have validation from, respect, even compassion! A Sociopath lacks any and all ability to love, be truthful, have compassion, sympathy, live without judgement, and will NEVER take accountability for their lies, their actions, or acknowledge in any way how much they have hurt you~ EVER! This is the Identity Theft from you. They have taken everything good, kind, financial, emotionally & mentally from you! This quote say’s it all. Read it over and over, and get your Identity back!

you have your identity when you find out, not what you can keep your mind on, but what you can keep your mind off                               a.r. ammons


19 Responses to “Identity Theft”

  1. Carrie

    EXACTLY!! the irony is this person who has stolen my identity actually has a criminal record and was convicted of aggravated identity theft and served 2 years in federal prison. Sad thing is I do think she got caught up in some bad shit and I keep trying to convince myself that people can change and we all make mistakes and maybe shouldn’t forever be judged for one act or mistake we made one time. I don’t know. Perhaps just knowing that this person committed some crime that I have serious issues and see a big problem with that particular crime that my fear somehow caused this all to happen to me.


    • Tela

      Carrie, thank you for your comment. Do you mean she stole your identity in the literal sense? As in using a credit card? Checking account? Did you know she had spent time in federal prison prior to becoming a victim of her?


  2. Carrie Ward

    EXACTLY …Thanks but no thanks. I’m taking my identity back. And you can just go find some other sucker. Good luck with that.


    • chankla2

      They always have supply, supply, supply..
      Evil with a smurk they are!!!!!
      kp reminding yourself, THYRE not happy
      its all fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      we all deserve better!!!!!!!!
      strength!!!!!!!! courage!!!!!!


    • chankla2

      to everybody guy/girl any age any situation w/NARC its unbelievable the shallowness, ego, using mentality THATS putting it mildly….
      there will never be closure, answers or any remorse from them, period.
      we’ve all wasted valuable time, money, energy, emotions on the NARC an most of us got the short end of the stick left to re-build OUR world, period.
      All they accumulate, computers, phones,
      clothes, cologne, etc…. its ALL temporary an a short high to them…
      what’s funny is they use to get yet they don’t do anything on thheir own, but in their mind they feel they have done things on thheir own, warped perception
      on their end…. they never land truly, just take a breather, then onto next supply, Remember its always supply, period.
      family, kids, strangers, exes, co-workers, SM, THYRE all a part of the cycle, the game, period…..
      Holidays, birthdays can be hard as they seek&portray all is rosey red with a big bow on top, its not, its a quick fix to focus on them, them, them, fake believe me…
      N/C an stay off Fakebook, yes Fakebook
      its a mindf*** to appear all is wonderful..
      ponder this- if the new supply is plastering all this on SM what’s the point? if you’re happy who has time to SM? why not just live your life…. see,
      you’re not happy, its a mirage!
      Any ATTN from anybody is better than no ATTN to the NARC, period…
      This theory can help Kublers-Ross
      denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance….
      You will go through each of these, its normal, its like a death being w/a NARC….
      Do what’s best for you, fix you, implement positive change for you!!!
      I promise in time YOULL see the NARC in
      a different light!!!!!!
      They Dont care, they Don’t think of you, they can’t comprehend the damage they do, cause its a constant, daily, spinning of them, ego , everyday!!! every minute, every second , them….
      Love those who love you, forget those who forget you……
      new life, new beginning, learn from this, Never again …
      We deserve normal, loving, genuine mates, period…!!!!!!!!!!!!
      blessings, strength to everybody!!!!!!!!!!
      you don’t get over it , you get through it
      onto a better you…..
      be selfish like them in a *productive* way, to a better YOU!!!!!!!!
      7yrs I did it male NARC, BK to square 1,
      focusing on me 🙂


  3. chankla2

    NO Contact….
    It is true the 1 thing that gets to NARCS..
    Let them supply supply supply, one day
    supplies WONT be all its cracked up to be….
    Yes, we all hope Karma comes around
    to NARCS….
    Remember any contact, is *ego* for NARCS, good/bad, guy/girl, any age doesn’t matter……
    utilize these sites for strength, validation&clarity, go forward…


  4. Santaland

    Glad you wrote this article…the co-denpendent part makes sense…the identity theft is so true, male or female…worldwide. Very sick people, my only hope is that karma eventually gets them since they seem like teflon….No Contact is what bothers them

    Liked by 1 person

  5. chankla2

    they dont change… they dont care..
    hollow ,fake, ATTN seeking, FRM anybody ,zero self esteem, users, losers….
    supply supply supply for their needs, period.
    family, kids, exes, strangers, SM, co workers THYRE in thhe cycle too….
    THYRE the devil in disguise, period…
    N/C THATS an insult to the NARC…
    new supply guy/girl WONT last, its not great its the pattern….
    focus on you. force yourself to go ahead…
    we are starting fresh, its a new healtthier us!!!!!
    thy let us go! we nd to do the same
    hard yes, its over….
    all that GLITTERS isn’t gold….
    it wili come BK around, watch
    I promise YOULL look at the NARC indifferently soon….
    it takes more guts to be real, than be a NARC THYRE lazy&kp repeating the same cycle over&over…
    N/C !!!!
    blessings to all
    oh yes financially emotionally kaboom!!! NARCS ,plan been thre done that… 7yrs male NARC. lesson learned

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    • laurelwolfelives

      I think once they find their equal (another narcissist) they do change. They feed off of each other. I know my Loser is in hog heaven with his WTC because she pumps up his ego….and he rewards her with financial security. They’re the perfect pair. Yes, I believe they do change.


  6. chankla2

    excellent!!!!! THYRE the hollow ones
    NARCS are the devil in disguise, period.
    they don’t change… they dont care…
    supply supply supply for Their needs, ego, admiration its all fake….
    it will come BK around, watch
    N/C let em’ go, they did to us w/out thhe blink of an eye….
    N/C THATS an insult to the NARC…
    focus on you!!!! force yourself to go forward!!! I promise YOULL look at them indifferently soon…..
    fake, insecure ,ATTN seeking ,no self esteem ,hollow,users losers!!!!! family kids strangers exes co-workers SM THYRE all in the cycle too…
    an if this new supply is the one? guy/girl
    lots of luck…. a leopard dsnt change its spots
    blessings better things ahead!!!!
    all that GLITTERS isn’t gold, believe me

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    • Tela

      Thank you for the re-blog! And for letting your voice be heard on parental alienation at the hands of a Sociopath! ❤


  7. Mai

    This is a living hell – not only does she steal your identity – she steals your children – your self worth – your career – and financially breaks you – so evil

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