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Dear You

Dear You,
Yes YOU, the one I will no longer call by name. The one I will no longer refer to as ‘my’ ex, as I want no personal association to you, with the word ‘my’.
Dear you, that silently destroyed my world. The you who pulled me into your world of darkness, cruelty, placing metal chains around my heart! Stripping me of everything good, kind, beautiful and loving. Dear you for masquerading as a person who really cared, masquerading as a person who actually had a soul! A hollow empty person, who made me feel on top of the world, the most precious person ever in your life, only to be methodically, over time make me question my own self-worth, my sanity and even ask myself ‘what is wrong with me’? Am I Crazy What have I done wrong?
Dear, You, who spoon fed me your POISON under the guise of making me think you were actually human!
Dearest you, who told me nothing but lies from day one, lived lies daily in our relationship, and continue to spew lies about me. Does this make you feel superior? Yes, of course it does! Because you do not know what truth is. There is a name for people like Dear You, PATHOLOGICAL LYING SOCIOPATH. You do not know the damage your lies, abuse, tormenting and cruelty have caused ME and countless people. So while you continue to spew those lies out of your mouth, go about your life as if you have done nothing wrong, placing your mask of Sociopath back on…… just know, I now KNOW YOU!!!

I laugh at the sick way you continue to try and destroy me, or try and suck me back into your darkness with more lies and sincere word’s of “I’m sorry”. You do not have the first clue of what ‘sorry’ is. I cry over what your words and actions have done. I am paralyzed by the trauma and abuse at the hands and words of Dear You. I struggle each and every day on how to get through the next 24 hours, feeling like I am slowly dying. However……………Dear you, I will make sure you will never see how broken I am, because I know that feeds the sick, disgusting person Dear Your are. I will make sure Dear you that one day, this nightmare of HELL you have put me through I will wake up from.
I know, Dear You will try and continue to do whatever you can to stop me from healing. People like you that have to have their Flying Monkeys do your dirty work. but Dear You have no idea the strength inside of me. The strength through your sick twisted mind could not suck out of me. I will play your games, I will silently bear this burden of pain you placed upon me. I will struggle as there is no way to describe to someone what a vile sick and demented you are and were. I may be alone, today in this debilitating pain, confusion, heartache, anger and my thoughts all over the map. Begging God for mercy to get me out of this emotional HELL.

However, Dearest You, as you may have won the battle of destroying me…….. I Promise Dear You….. have not won the war!!!!!!



23 Responses to “Dear You”

  1. laurelwolfelives

    The “you” can be effective maybe. I refer to my ex (when I have to) as “himself.” I have children and they think I’m being childish and ridiculous. I told them that he wasn’t worthy of me saying his name.


  2. Sandie Briar

    Wow What powerful stuff Every single word is what has gone round and round in my head I wished I could copy that and email it to the sociopath who tried to destroy me BUT NO CONTACT MEANS,THAT Its such a temptation but with everyday he’s further away I got free I lost nothing as he gave me nothing I know this is hard hurtful and unbelievably cruel but by identifying the slime pit you fell in and desperately claw to get out You will you have to Spaths have memories I hope the slime that tried to destroy me has wonderful memories of me and misses what he tried to destroy but he wont I still have times when I want to run back say I’m sorry this wont happen Why on earth would I want a repulsive smug half emotioned item as a partner I believe in Karma Thanks for writing my exact feelings when I was there Feel proud of yourself You win you still have you Dear You does not


    • Tela

      Thank you Sandie for your comment. You must continue to resist that urge of temptation to want to email the Sociopath. I KNOW how hard that is, I truly do. Even if you were to copy this and email it to him, it wouldn’t even register with him.
      And you, still have DEAR YOU! A wounded, traumatized, mentally & emotionally YOU, but you are Dear to a lot of people, including the one’s who read your comment and can relate!

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      • Sandie

        Hi Tela I wont ever be contacting Its been three months since last contact Last night my daughter told me that the Spath had been talking to one of her friends He never used Facebook As I changed every form of contact with him this,is the only,way he can get to me,but he’s failed He’s past I know longer feel sick or miss him He was obsessed with his four grownup kids,who were possessions The one had to ask him to be more tactile and tell her that he loved her I was forbidden to speak to them without him his consent the older one is a Spath too whilst he never condoned her disgusting behaviour he couldn’t see she was him. He would say vile things about them how they all used him for money and if they weren’t his he would disown them? Doesn’t make sense but I knew what he was saying Over and over he would talk like this Meanwhile the four all blamed me when I would leave him having been abused by his coldness silence etc He would go and look ill blame me and lie Of course it was all my fault When we got back together he would lie to them that he wasn’t seeing me ait would be Oh poor Dad etc I got to despise them The last straw for me was when he organised his own birthday party for his ‘friends and family we were together secretly so of course I wasn’t invited How that hurt I had nursed him through a hip replacement washing feeding visiting twice daily his beloved kids didn’t visit once I saw red at this latest insult so half an hour before the party I disobeyed his no contact and emailed all four telling them everything he had said backing it up with the fact I had kept txt’s and emails from him supporting all I said No-one was as important as his kids no-one would dare entice the wrath and screaming temper of him when disobeyed but I did I never heard one word from him As I say that was 3 months ago and so far so good I’m happy have no real regrets We all are given events that teach us lessons But what one hell of a lesson I’m surviving and will To think his own kids were my salvation Bet he wouldn’t laugh but then again he hardly ever did


  3. sadistqueen

    As someone with antisocial personality disorder, I feel inclined to disagree with you.


  4. Santaland

    What a great letter. Even from the Red Square in Moscow, sitting in cafe vogue, read dear you three times…perfect!


    • Cie

      Amazing how you can so accurately describe how a victim of a sociopath feels. I could have written that myself, and am sure countless other can do as well. I look forward to your posts….it reminds me that what happened to me was real and I am not alone and gives me strength to carry on the days ahead when things will need to be resolved. Thank you

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      • Tela

        Thank you Cie! Yes, these words should make anyone who read’s them feel the pain of what life with a Sociopath was or is like. There truly is an inner strength in all of us, that the Sociopath, even in their methodical destruction of our core being, cannot take from us.
        You are not alone!! I promise. Write your own ‘Dear YOU ‘ read the pain inside of you to help you resolve all the abuse done.


    • Tela

      Thank you NotMe2014. You all have said this Dear YOU! As I said in another comment, this letter was not only from a personal perspective, but from the people like you who have left comments. Or emails, or in person. The pain is so real, and so deep. However, we DO have that strength the Sociopath did not suck from us….hold onto it! ❤

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      • Santaland

        This is so true Tela. Only those who have endured and lived with a Dear YOU can comprehend the nastiness and cruelty of these empty shells. It is what they did (physically) coupled with how they did it (mentally)…a game of control and lies…which leads us back to the proverbial WHY. Only those who have ‘tasted’ what these empty shells have done and are doing can one comprehend. It sounds probably ‘sick’ on my behalf, but I truly hope that my Dear YOU gets the same treatment (karma) that they at least have a moment of reality and can compare…but this will never happen since they are delusional victims. Oh well Dear YOU, all I can say is your own poison will consume you eventually wittingly or not.


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