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Everyday I get thousands of search terms that are used to find my website. Below I will list a few, as some are repetitive {especially Female Sociopath}. The common denominator is, everyone is searching for answers! Searching for the ‘why’s’, ‘what they could have done different’. Some are simply searching to find out if in fact the person they are involved with is a Narcissist/Sociopath. With that being said, it should be obvious something is wrong with the person you are or where involved with if your having to search the internet.

One thing I keep repeating over and over on my website is: you are not to blame! You can do absolutely NOTHING to change the Sociopath~ nothing! I know if you are here, reading this, your life is in total shambles, your living in an emotional hell. Just know, there are thousands that are right where you are! Read! Educate yourself, but do NOT take on the negative words & actions from the Sociopath. Yes, you may be a single parent struggling to make ends-meet, by sending a hateful text or email is exactly what the Sociopath wants. They want to know you are struggling, they want to know they ruined your life. However, they haven’t and they won’t! You have the ability to get up, accept the horrific pain and take baby steps each and every day. And most importantly…..NO CONTACT. Or you will continue to stay on the CRAZY TRAIN to nowhere.

I will list the search terms and my response will be in italics with some having a link to an article I have previously written. 

female sociopath characteristics~ this is month after month the number 1 search term. You can read about that HERE

how to set bounderies with sociopaths~ boundaries are just as important as no contact especially if you have to co-parent. You can read that HERE

caught lying and reacting defensively~ no kidding! ALL Sociopaths are pathological liars. You can read about that HERE

trauma bonding narcissist~ the trauma bond that takes place is like an addiction. It is next to impossible to break it! You can read about that HERE

some days are better than others after sociopath discard~ yes, they are. As you gain more clarity about the person you were involved with, and come to accept that you truly could not have said or done anything to change them, your day’s will get better. But it has to start with accepting it was NOT your fault. You can read about that HERE

what the last words you can say to a narcissist~ absolutely NOTHING! Read THIS

disappear on the narcissist~ one of the top 10 personality traits of a Narcissist is their ability to disappear, re-appear and then blame YOU for it. You can read about that HERE

difference between sociopath and pathological liar~ there is no difference! A Sociopath is a pathological liar until their last dying breath. period. 

get even with a sociopath~ there is no ‘getting even’ most people call this Revenge, you can read that HERE

what to do if you have entered into a relationship with a psychopath~ run like Hell!!! As fast as you can!

how to stop narcissistic smear~ The Smear Campaign is one of the hardest to deal with after a Sociopath. You are already a total emotional/mental disaster, just to be hit with their smear campaign. You can read that HERE

This is just a very small list of search terms. Read through my articles, reach out and post. Read the other reader’s comments who are where you are or have been. You will find yourself wavering back and forth, should I or shouldn’t I go back with the ex? Is the ex REALLY a Sociopath? This is called acceptance, getting your head and heart on the same page!

One person’s craziness is another person’s reality       tim burton



3 Responses to “Search Terms”

  1. Chris

    Wow! I typed into Google “How to handle an ex wife sociopath” and found this blog. I went through 17 years of hell. 14 of them married to a sociopath who dragged me through a bitter and long drawn divorce that left me exhausted in every sense of the way. The Court Order came 4th July 2013 (the irony is not lost on me) but it took a year to sort out the ancillary matters. I have been a single parent dad since 2008. Life is so much better now that she is gone. For the both of us. There is contact twice a year when I send her our daughter’s school report. Recently, (1st January 2016) she emailed our daughter and cc’d me. I had a yucky feeling about the email but couldn’t put my finger on it. Gave it to my life coach to analyse. He confirmed it was a horrible email even to her own daughter. Sociopaths have like or no empathy and she walks around like everyone in this world owes her. She got a nightmare of a lawyer to clean me out. My life coach told me that perhaps I should write a letter to her telling her everything I wanted to tell her, then never send it and instead burn it.


  2. Santaland

    Welcome back Tela. Yes the proverbial why, what if, maybe, how is it possible etc etc rotates in our heads. We thought we found our soul mate, someone who understood us and made us feel…awesome, at least during the honeymoon phase…the crap hits the fan and we are covered in it daily.

    We search because our gut tells us…something is wrong, very wrong. Then we blame ourselves because of many reasons ultimately blame, brainwashing and their perfect smear campaign in which sadly, those who do not know you believe your ex, etc etc.

    It is healthy to have some jealousy, narcissitic traits, quircks etc…remember, healthy…with the socio/narc they are unhealthy to the n’th degree…sick and twisted, nasty and brutal (male or female). They have no soul, they are empty and are nice when they need something or want something. I hate to say this to those who have kids….sort of like a 3 year old, they attach to shiny objects for a very short time, smile and happy and within seconds can have a tantrum…try saying no to a 3 year old….the dots do not connect. That is what a socio/narc is…the proverbial child in an adult’s body…no guilt, no remorse and no responsibility.

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    • Tela

      Thank you SantaLand for your comment. Yes the ‘proverbial child in an adult’s body” to which I use the phrase Terminal Adolescence. As the Sociopath never grows up. Can and does throw temper tantrums i.e. disappearing/ not responding to text or calls, verbally lashing out etc.
      We should always follow up gut instincts. Because if a person is searching for the ‘why’s’ of their relationship, they already know something {someone} is terrible screwed up.



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