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Sociopath Change

There are so many things ‘we’ do not understand about a Sociopath! And one of the biggest things is, why do they not want to change???

All of us go through changes in our lives! Careers, marriages, our bodies, where we live and so on. But one constant in us, is the ability to reasoning, comprehension, decision making etc. The huge difference with a Sociopath is, they are always changing One day they ‘love you’, the next you are the worst person they have ever encountered. One day they ‘want to spend the rest of their life with you’, next day, they can’t stand the thought of being with you. One day they want to be an astronaut, the next day….maybe a painter. One day they are going to leave their partner to be with you, the next day…..well you might not even hear from them. Or better yet, you get the list of reasons lies as to why they are not leaving their current partner. One day you are the best thing that ever happened to them, the next day……YOU are the cause of all their problems. One day they tell you “I realized what I did wrong, I PROMISE you can trust me”, the next day……or maybe a couple of days later, whatever it was they ‘promised’, they broke. One day the make the commitment to being a better parent, next day……same shit they have been doing since the child was born. One day they are so sorry for the pain and hurt they caused you. Next day…….YOU deserved all the verbal/mental & emotional abuse because of (_____) fill in the blank.

Sociopaths are a moving battlefield. They place their bombs aka changes all around us. One day we think we know where to step, then BAM! We hit one of their bombs. So the next day we think we have them figured out, and once again we step on another bomb. And this is why a Sociopath cannot and will not change! Read that again: A Sociopath cannot and will not change! No matter where you ‘step’, no matter what you do or do not say, how you act or react to them etc. Try and imagine their minds {thoughts} as a moving battlefield they have within. That is why they mirror us/everyone, they have no clue what they want, who they want or where they want to be. Decisions are based on emotions or knee jerk reactions. They have an inability to reasoning which also equates to not realizing there are consequences to their actions. And this is why ‘we’ cannot understand them. Something that makes perfect logical sense to us puts them into vapor lock!!

until you’re broken, you don’t know what you’re made of. it give you the ability to build yourself all over again…but stronger than ever

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5 Responses to “Sociopath Change”

  1. Billy

    ‘they have no clue what they want, who they want or where they want to be.’

    This sounds so, so familiar, and it drives you nuts. It’s like hitching your carriage to a runaway train…. on the road to hell. the only thing you can do is write them off. And before you’ve clocked who they are they abandon you and move on. Perhaps its better this way, because were they to stick around they would destroy you.

    You are right Tela, they will never change. What you have written above is exactly the way the socio I got involved with behaved, and still does. they’ll simply go on and on wrecking lives, and wrecking their own in the process. You can’t compete with them or reason. Cut your losses and run.

    Thanks Tela again for your help here.


    • Tela

      Thank you Billy for your comment. And I’m glad you picked up on the key part of this “They have no clue what they want, who they want, or where they want to be”, and that is why ‘we’ will never, ever be able to understand them.


  2. hipmonkey

    As I look at the landscape of the culture we live in, I have to wonder if an entire nation can become sociopathic…. (certainly an individual sociopath is a product of our social environment, you think so?)


    • Tela

      Thank you HipMonkey for your comment & good to hear from you. Interesting comment…..I’m not so sure an entire nation can be Sociopath, however, I believe an entire nation can be run by Sociopaths! 😀



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