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Sociopath Search Terms

There are numerous search terms/words people use to find my website. I am always astounded that FEMALE SOCIOPATH</strong> is always the number one search term. I believe the reason for this, is like I have said before…..Female Sociopaths ‘hide’ behind so many false facades ie: crazy ex-wife, psycho girlfriend, husband was abusive etc. Therefore, most men are unaware of what is truly wrong with their female partner. Here is a list of the top 10 search terms used, my responses will be in italics. Note: I always type the search term as it was typed in to find my website….it is not my misspelling. I believe the statistics are so outdated on ASPD/Cluster B Personalities. And Sociopath is NOT gender specific.

1. Female Sociopath~ you can read about them HERE
2. What does a sociopath do when you ignore them:
well, they sail on in life without regards to what they did to you! Please understand, the only way to move forward and heal is to have NO CONTACT. Most Sociopaths could care less if you ‘ignore them’. They don’t lay awake at night in bed wondering about you! There thoughts are not consumed daily of you…the Sociopath is in constant forward motion! Looking for the next victim person to destroy & feed their sick delusional minds.
3. psychopathic smear vampaign (sic)~ A smear campaign is the epitome of a Sociopath caring about absolutely nothing!!! You can read about that HERE and what steps & actions you need to put into place. This is one of the worst and most damaging aspects of being involved with a Sociopath!
4. how to frustrate a compulsive liar ~
I’m not quite sure why anyone would want to ‘frustrate a compulsive liar’?!?! Just listening to a Narcissistic Sociopaths bullshit lies is frustrating enough. Why would you want to frustrate them? And the only way, which usually this does not work is THIS. Don’t waste your time trying to get them back, frustrate them, or even fool yourself into thinking you can change them. Plain & simple……YOU CANNOT!
5. how did i get myself into this mess dating a psychopath! ~ This is such a common question after the fact!! The Sociopath/Psychopath moves the relationship along very quickly so that you do not see all the red flags, and the POISON they fed you hourly/daily. Once that toxic poison is in you, it is HELL getting rid of it!!
6. i
s the sociopath happy after discarding stage ~ Think about this….do you think they are EVER happy? Before, during and after you? No, of course not! That is why every single one of you are experiencing what you are! Because the Sociopath caused the Tsunami Shit storm in your life & walked away. So no, a Sociopath is never, ever happy, EVER! Even though you think back to all the memories, fun times, euphoric times and you just can’t wrap your head around that someone can be so cruel, so heartless. That is because nothing in their lives makes them happy.
7. how do you get even with a sociopath ~ once again this is a very common search term. You cannot get ‘even with a Sociopath’! I wrote an article about Revenge, you can read that HERE
signs of a sociopath mother ~ This is so heartbreaking to me. In the Female Sociopath article, I write about how Sociopath mother’s are. And the very sad reality is, part of the Sociopath is Learned Behaviour therefore, the children mimic their mother, they are used as Pawns {you can read about that HERE
emotional rape ~ Yes! That is exactly what happens when we are involved with a Sociopath. They rape us mentally/emotionally & sometimes financially. Just because you cannot “SEE” the abuse, emotional rape is just that….ABUSE!!! The Sociopath does this to keep control over your thoughts, your actions, to discredit you. This is also done methodically to make you think you are actually the one who has ‘the problem’. They project onto you all of their shortcomings, everything they want to be, to elevate themselves above you and so on.
gaslighting sociopath ~ The term pretty much says it all. You can read how this is done HERE and why.

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