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Lethal Love

When we get involved with a Sociopath, what we give and feel  is true honest love. However, the Sociopath gives us Lethal Love, this is titled Lethal because of their ability to destroy who we once were. After you barely survive the Tsunami Effect, there will be an abundance of questions, ‘why’s’, ‘how come’, ‘why me’, ‘what is wrong with that person’ and so on. There is truly not a one answer fits all couples and/or individuals.  Keep that in mind as you search for answers, and/or understanding. And it is even more difficult when the Lethal Love  ends so horribly. Will you survive? Will you ever feel whole again? Will you ever be able to figure out what the hell you went through? I can tell you yes, but as an individual, you are the one who has the hard struggle to get past today, tomorrow and the next to begin healing.

“You know when you are so dead in your sleep, that not even a thunderstorm can wake you? Sometimes it takes somebody to physically shake you in order to wake you up? Well, meet heartbreak, your personal shaker-upper. For a while, you will be upset that it hurt you, but ultimately, it is a good thing it woke you up because that life storm was about to eradicate you while you slept.” So now that the Sociopath Tsunami has done their destruction, find your own self value. It is crucial, because self love and self approval are irreplaceable.

Yes! You still love the person who caused this incredible heartache and loss. Yes! You still think about the good times, the happy moments, the kind words. Yes! You may even think they will change and come back into your life. These thoughts however are your minds way of protecting your already broken heart…. they will NOT change. Read that again…they will not change!   The only ‘changing’ they will do, will be to move on to another person. And that ‘new’ person will eventually be given Lethal Love as well. So try letting go of the ‘good thoughts of the ex’, and try replacing them with good thoughts of yourself. Easier said than done, I know!! But the sooner you accep,t no matter what you ever said, didn’t say, did do, didn’t do would have still had the same outcome!

“Sometimes we must undergo hardships, breakups, and narcissistic wounds, which shatter the flattering image that we had of ourselves, in order to discover two truths: that we are not who we thought we were; and that the loss of a cherished pleasure is not necessarily the loss of true happiness and well-being.” – Jean-Yves Leloup


12 Responses to “Lethal Love”

  1. betternotbroken

    Another gem, I too love the last quote and posting it to my Facebook page! Hope you are well Tela!


  2. Amerini Indignati

    “soulless beasts”… when I’ve red this attribute I was thnking “oh yes, this is the better description of my ex socio”, because the appearance of her behavior is exactly this: beast soulless.

    Then I changed my mind, I think they are persons with problems, they are mentally sick, I don’t think they are really “bad”. They have a sort of virus in their soul, they live with this virus and they don’t realize they are infected.

    This is why we CANNOT do anything to change them, this is why we WONT have from them any real love.


  3. JJK

    Dear normalisboringsoiheard. Thank you for your response, although completely remiss in explaining the glaring contradiction. This may be your interpretation of the post, however considering a number of replies unequivocally validating the author, you seem very much a minority with your interpretation.


  4. Dav

    I liked most of the article. After I found out who my friend was and understood the coning, lying and all other things that evil people do. All the same thoughts ( why me ) and how in the hell can they set out to really do what ever they can to destroy others. And like a cowered, they go after kind people. Becoming whole again can be a long road. ( one day at a time ) I don’t miss anything about this person. Everything was a lie. And you really do lose everything. With all the reading of books and reading about others. I believe their was nothing I could have done, the out come would have been the same. They plan the garbage they do. After four years I still get mad. Yes, I am awake but I would have like it a better way. I lost ten years of my life, money, credit. the list goes on. I am not happy about where I am in life, But it is better with him out. At least I have real people around me.


  5. normalisboringsoiheard

    I think this is a little harsh, how many highly intelligent successful women/men have been taken for literally everything they have by a NS, raise your hand? And did you people take them back at least a few times, raise you hand? Well my hand is raised! I took my ex back 2xs, I am sure several people took their ex back a time or two. Everyone who really loves someone wants to believe someone changes. If not we would all have our parents put us in arranged marriages at 18, and keep it moving. Because my dad still knows better than me, to this day. We all know no contact, but it’s the small benefit of the doubt. Until someone is done, they aren’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tela

      My apologies if you feel this article was ‘harsh’, as it was written as a reality of what happens to those in and out of a relationship with a Sociopath. Of course as a ‘normal’ compassionate forgiving individual, we want to believe someone really will change. However, in the cases of Narcissistic Sociopaths, they never change. As their behaviour/mindset most times is in place from an early age. Please do some research on that. Thank you for your comment.

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    • JJK

      Hello Ms Not Harsh normalisboringsoiheard: The point you are making is unclear to me, as there are several contradicting relationship types you seem to be describing. The one with sociopaths, and everyone else?

      Sociapaths are not normal by any benchmark, are destructive, there is so much written about the pain these soulless beasts cause (sorry if I am being “harsh”) all over the web, books, and the prisons are full of them disproportionately- This is reality. You describe how ” many highly intelligent successful women/men have been taken for literally everything they have by a NS” But this is were you bait and switch:

      ” Everyone who really loves someone wants to believe someone changes. If not we would all have our parents put us in arranged marriages at 18″

      You continue on and describe normal relationships, that we “all” have, which can sometimes be ugly, however; that’s the exception, ALL sociopathic relationships are twisted-that’s the norm, and they damage us normal folk. We are not comparing or discussing normal relationships we “all” have here on this blog. The post above is accurate, as it addresses the extreme sociopathic relationship damage, were as it would not be fitting for the “everyone’ else that you describe at the end of your reply. Personally I would cut the sociapathic bitches throat I dated, if presented a legal opportunity- And yes I am smart educated and took her back many times-Think I am being harsh? if so, you have no idea how cunning clever and sick these beasts are.


      • normalisboringsoiheard

        Actually, I do, I watch the “cunning beast” manipulate, promise and promise undying love for our children as if they are under his magical spell, until he has whatever it is he wants then, he pulls his paternal love from them discarding their ever hopeful hearts into millions of pieces, every weekend. If someone who professes love for their very own flesh and blood, can discard their very own child as a used tissue, have no mercy for another human being. So it’s a concept I am very familiar with. Having lived it, escaped it, and watch the cycles of it, and am helpless to do anything about it.

        The point being, we as people who claim to have so much empathy something which separates us from the very people we allegedly claim to hate. (Which obviously, you have not got to the indifferent stage, I pray you get there, soon). When another person “relapses” so to speak, we should not chastise them about failing “no contact”. How does shaming someone into what they already know they shouldn’t have done helpful? You do believe we had enough shaming in our abused relationships? It was my interpretation of the post, that’s all. We all interrupted differently.


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