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“I’ve watched you suffer, a dull aching pain

and now you’ve decided to show me the same”…..

Narcissist and Sociopaths suffer this dull aching pain not in the physical sense, but in the mental sense. And on some very rare occasions even in the emotional sense.

When you are in a relationship with a Narcissist/Socioath you suffer not only the mental and emotional pain, but also a dull aching physical pain as well. Because the daily stress of dealing with a hallow soled individual is so draining it can cause not only mental/emotional pain, but physical illness’s start to happen. The mental & emotional manipulation done by the narcissist sociopath leaves no room for positive thoughts and no room for healing.

It is easy to ready words, and self-help books. You have listened to your friends & family. You have searched the internet, you may have reached out to your clergy and/or abuse programs, but you are still suffering. Even away from your abuser, you are hurting terribly inside, you are missing them immensely, questioning {maybe for the 100th time} if you made the right decision in leaving. Abuse is abuse is abuse! So if you have left, then YES! Without a doubt you made the correct decision. Sticking with that decision is going to require a true strength that you may not even know you have! But you do! It is in there 🙂 , just dig deep!

There has to come a time when you say “enough is enough, I was not born to be someone’s verbal and/or physical punching bag”. “I was not born to be someone’s victim because of their Antisocial Personality Disorder”. Breaking that abusive bond is extremely difficult, at best! But it has to be done, and only you, and you alone can break it. This will be a true testament to the strength you DO have, and there will come a day when you finally no longer feel that dull aching pain. Take baby steps, one day at a time. You want the hurt and the tears, the sadness to all stop now. But until you stop the abuse, until you stop the contact, and until you stop the consuming thoughts, the hurt/tears and sadness will remain.

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse .     jim rohn


7 Responses to “Suffering”

  1. Teela Hart

    This is so true. The quote hits the nail on the head. I made excuses for so long. I’m glad I’m free and I desire to stay free.
    Teela ❤


    • Tela

      Thank you my dear friend! I think as compassionate human beings we are quick to forgive, quick to make excuses and so on. Always at the expense of our own happiness. The suffering sucks! But we can’t continue to make excuses can we? 😉

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  2. hipmonkey

    My therapist said I was co-dependent. Still not sure what that means but I guess it meant I was somehow addicted to being abused? idk That would seem odd, but I took it for 20 odd years, 20+, very odd years. Been free for 10 years now. 😉


    • Tela

      Thank you David for your comment. And yes! Your therapist was correct. In the co-dependent state you typically sacrifice your own needs/wants/happiness. Co-dependents often take on a martyr’s role and become “benefactors” to Sociopaths {meaning you make continued excuses, you cover-up situations from the outside world etc. you keep silent to keep the peace etc.} Then…..these repeated rescue attempts allows you to continue on a destructive course and to become even more dependent on the unhealthy care-taking of the Sociopath. As this reliance increases, you develop a sense of reward and satisfaction from “being needed.” When the care-taking becomes compulsive, the co-dependent feels choice less and helpless in the relationship, but is unable to break away from the cycle of behavior that causes it.

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      • hipmonkey

        It was a long roller coater ride. It feels like it all started with an empathetic desire to help someone who needed help, and that maybe I could love her to health. But it could just as easily been set up/conditioned from my own childhood abuse. One therapist suggested I married someone like my father to change him or get love from him. Makes sense, in a really crazy way. What delicate psyches we have.


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